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The process is simple. You can find the best premiums for the highest-quality Mexican Insurance with the click of your mouse. Save time, money and frustration with our easy-to-use comparison tools, providing you with access to the lowest pricing on 8 top Mexican Insurance policy options.

While you may find a variety of sub-standard policies in border booths, neighborhood agencies, and even online, the Mexican insurance companies we have chosen are all ranked A+ or A from the worlds leading financial agencies, Standard and Poors and A.M. Best. These independent rankings show our insurers are stable, have excellent reputations and are able to pay their claims. Further our Mexican insurance companies pay higher Private Party/Retail car value in lieu of Trade-In value, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in lost claims payments.

Our process is safe and secure. It's easy to fill in the necessary details, and after purchase, you are able to print your policy documents immediately. You can also call, and we will issue and deliver your policy in minutes at NO additional cost. We provide you with comprehensive travel assistance benefits at no extra charge as well. Our Platinum and Premier extras are something many travelers rave about. We offer the ONLY 30-minutes Roadside Assistance GUARANTEE in the industry and it covers all of Mexico.

Mex Insurance offers the lowest collision or theft deductibles in the marketplace. Factors like your vehicle's value and the program that you select enable you to obtain fixed deductibles at no extra cost. Finally, if you are unable to travel, we will happily REFUND 100% OF YOUR MONEY GUARANTEED! Just drop us an email or call us before the policy begins.

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Mexican Insurance carriers use Actual Cash Value as the method for valuing your vehicle in case of a Collision or Total Theft loss.
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