How does a Mexican auto insurance policy legal assistance and bail bond provision help me?

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How does a Mexican auto insurance policy legal assistance and bail bond provision help me?

A: Your travel by car in a foreign country is governed differently than at home in the United States or Canada. The English Common Law used in these home countries provides you with certain rights when you are involved in an accident, especially the presumption of your innocence. However, the Napoleonic Code in force in Mexico treats all parties as guilty at the outset. Not all Mexican auto insurance policy products provide the assistance needed when you must prove your innocence.

Immediate problems can arise from an accident. Without a proper coverage, you can be detained in a Mexican jail until the details are sorted out. Additionally, your vehicle will probably be impounded. Your responsibility in the situation will be assessed, and you will need to be able to provide appropriate compensation if you are found to be the responsible party.

Pay Attention when You Purchase Your Mexican Insurance Policy

Even if you have coverage, you may not be off the hook in such situations. Although a valid policy serves as your proof of ability to pay, insufficient limits can leave you owing more than your policy will provide. Legal representation and bail bond benefits are provided in any Mex Insurance Mexican insurance policy and you will have the assistance of a professional who is able to negotiate for you to obtain your release and that of your car.

Some plans claim to offer legal help. However many policies issued in the marketplace leave bail bond out of their provisions for legal assistance. Many providers include no legal help at all. You can spend as much as $5,000 or more to obtain legal help in such a situation, especially if your Mexican auto insurance policy limits aren’t high enough and serious damages have occurred. The scenario can be intimidating, especially if you don’t speak Spanish. However, a skilled negotiator and legal representative is a huge asset as he understands how to work with the authorities to achieve the best outcome possible. Each Mex Insurance policy provides this.

While your travel planning list doesn’t include having an accident on foreign soil, your selection of the right protection is an absolute must in Mexico. Selecting a policy that lacks legal coverage may seem unimportant during the planning stages, but it will make a world of difference if something goes wrong en route to your destination. Additionally, you need to pay careful attention to state-by-state indemnity limits for Mexico so that you are sure to purchase a policy with adequate protection in the event of a fatality.

Mexican insurance policy Priority Considerations when Driving in Mexico

An automobile accident in Mexico is viewed as a felony. It’s important to note that:

  • You can be detained in such a situation until responsibility is determined
  • Your vehicle can be impounded
  • Your right to leave the country can be revoked until the matter is settled
  • Your ID cards serve as proof of your ability to pay if you are found responsible
  • You are legally required to carry appropriate “financial responsibility” limits as a foreigner driving in Mexico
  • You must report an accident to your provider as quickly as possible and always before leaving Mexico
  • Your provider is not bound to honor claims that aren’t reported while you are still in the country