Traveling In Style Aboard ‘El Chepe’

August 28, 2017
Linden Gray
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One of 37 bridges ‘El Chepe’ crosses

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Story by Jim Foreman

When Mexicans plan on getting around the country, most choose the excellent bus service or inexpensive domestic flights. With few exceptions, train travel throughout most of Mexico is limited to freight lines. One grand exception is El Chepe.

Among Mexico’s masterpieces of engineering is the ‘El Chepe’ passenger train that runs from Chihuahua to Topolobampo (Los Mochis). Spanning 408 miles of tracks, 86 tunnels, and 37 bridges, this route is regarded as one of the most scenic and impressive in the world. Rising nearly 2500m (about 8,200 ft) in elevation, the journey takes you to some magnificent places.

El Chepe Route Map

El Chepe Route Map

All of the cars, of both economic and first class, feature heating and air-conditioning. Additionally, there is a charming dining car serving up meals and snacks.

Each car also has a porter to assist with luggage and to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Service runs daily and leaves both Chihuahua and Topolobampo at 6 am and arrives at their respective destination around 8:30 pm. One does not have to take the complete journey as fares are priced depending on your stop.

It’s a smart idea to start the adventure driving to one of the stops. Park your car in a secured lot and travel for a couple of days via El Chepe.

Museo El Fuerte.

Museo El Fuerte.

A noteworthy stop, along the route, is El Fuerte. El Fuerte is a locals destination prized for its fiestas and lack of ‘Gringofication.’ Mexicans

from Sonora, Sinaloa, Durango, and Jalisco all enjoy spending time in El Fuerte. With its founding dating back to 1563, there is history and wonder. Designated a ‘Pueblo Magico,’ El Fuerte should not be missed.


Parque Aventura Divisadero

Parque Aventura Divisadero is the equivalent of the South Rim Visitor’s Center of Grand Canyon. Unlike Grand Canyon, there are some exciting attractions and activities in addition to hiking down the canyon.

Divisadero features a glass bottom café jutting out over the canyon along with a Swiss built cable car. Thrill seekers can even take a zipline into the heart of the Copper Canyon and ride the cable car back.


Over 500 umbrellas cover Calle Victoria in the historic Centro de Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a modern city with many reasons to visit for several days. The historic centro is very walkable and full of sights, unique shops, and culinary delights. If upscale evenings are your calling, Chihuahua features world-class dining and nightlife.

Plan on taking El Chepe for a unique and authentic Mexican adventure that will bring you closer to the culture and diverse history of this great land.

It’s super easy to get to most of the stops.  In most cases only a day’s drive south of the border will get you riding the rails of adventure.  All you need is a good attitude, your passport, and your Mexican Car Insurance.

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