Merida – A Great Mexican Destination

October 12, 2014
Michael Ryan
University of Yucatan-Merida

University of Yucatan-Merida

Merida is the capital of Yucatan and is situated in the northwest section of the state.  This colonial city has a distinctly different feel to the rest of the country because it is isolated geographically and has a strong Mayan culture.  The city is often called the ‘White City’ because it is so clean and its buildings are constructed in white stone.

Merida’s History

Merida was discovered in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo.  The city was built on top of the Mayan city of T’ho.  The Mayan buildings that were in existence at the time were taken apart and the stones used as foundations for the cathedral and several other buildings.

After the Mayan rebellion which took place during the 1840s, the city went through a prosperous period when it was the global leader in sisal production.  In today’s world, Merida is one of Mexico’s cosmopolitan cities which boast a rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture.


There are many things to do in Merida, such as:

  • Visiting the Anthropology Museum
  • Learning about the Yucatecan cuisine by taking a cooking class
  • Visiting one of the remaining sisal haciendas
  • Obtaining a complete view of the city by tour bus

Day Trips

There are very interesting day trips you can go on from Merida.  Fifty-six miles west of the city is the Celestun Biosphere Reserve where you can view sea turtles, monkeys, deer, jaguars, crocodiles and a range of migratory birds.  Most people visit this area to see the flamingos.

There are several Mayan archaeological sites within driving distance of Merida.

Mexican Insurance

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Merida is an exciting city to visit, and offers interesting day trips.  It also offers tourists an exciting nightlife, good food and excellent accommodation.

You can reach this region by both land and air.