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Mexican Insurance Coverage by Mex Insurance Auto Assistance GUARANTEE

ACE Mexican Insurance Coverage by Mex Insurance – Guarantee. Highway Roadside Assistance in 30 minutes or less or phone every 30 minutes until help arrives

Efficient handling of your claims and needs is important, and ACE Mexican auto insurance coverage is backed by important guarantees of exceptional professional response. When you contact your ACE Mexican insurance coverage provider, you need to know that you will receive the assistance that is needed.

Highway Services Provided

The ACE contact phone number provided, 01-800-223-8687, enables you to request service immediately throughout ALL of Mexico. ACE provides an additional level of professionalism and help by following up with return calls every 30 minutes until help arrives. The guarantee is backed by a promise to reimburse you the equivalent of $50 in U.S. dollars if this service isn’t provided. Every ACE Mexican auto insurance coverage policy includes a roadside assistance guarantee as well.

Local and Secondary Road Response

In addition to follow-up calls, you can benefit from rapid response times from local service providers. ACE Mexican auto insurance coverage ensures that your help will arrive within 90 minutes of your initial call. Exceptions are made if there is a contingency that could lead to a delay in help arriving, but failure of your ACE representative to inform you of this possibility will result in your being reimbursed $50.

Assistance from your policy will be provided within 70 minutes of your call.


An exclusion for response guarantees is made for vehicles weighing more than three tons and for vehicles that are more than 15 years old.

Medical Assistance and Your Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage

Dealing with medical emergencies can be harrowing at any time, but in a foreign country, the implications can be even more overwhelming. Medical help is important, especially if you are injured in an accident. Trying to understand a medical professional in a foreign language can add to the stress of a situation. However, your ACE policy includes help from bilingual professionals who speak both Spanish and English. Each Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage policy holder can count on this bilingual assistance on a 24-hour per day basis throughout the year.

Additional assistance includes the continued provision of medical help by telephone until an ambulance arrives if the life of the policy holder or vehicle occupants may be in danger. ACE policies ensures that providers of ambulance assistance will be qualified and compliant with Mexico’s Ministry of Health.

Legal Services and Assistance with ACE Mexican Insurance Coverage

A network of lawyers is available throughout the country to help with issues. You are guaranteed of receiving a brochure or written information and instructions during your first interview that will help you with guidelines for Mexico. If you have any legal proceedings or actions pending, you will be provided with an update on progress and the status of your process through a weekly phone call or email.

Bilingual Helpline

You can contact your provider on a 24-hour basis throughout the year if you need assistance. Both Spanish and English communications are available.


Your completed documentation and contact information, along with a bank account number, are needed for reimbursement. Payment is guaranteed within 10 business days.