Is it possible to buy Mexican rental car insurance?

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Is it possible to buy Mexican rental car insurance?

Coverage is available for US rental vehicles. However, you do need to be aware of exceptions. Your vehicle must be rented in the U.S. or Canada. Mexican plates are not allowed and won’t be covered. Additionally, you must have the permission of the rental agency to leave the country with the automobile. With these issues handled, you can secure Mexican rental car insurance from Mex Insurance

While our Mexican rental car insurance Baja policies from Mex Insurance are not available for Mexico plated vehicles, we do offer some tips to those who may be faced with no other choice. If you must rent a Mexican vehicle with Mexico plates, the best option for protecting yourself is to use a credit card that includes physical damage coverage for vehicle rentals. However, you will want to verify deductibles and coverage by contacting your credit card company in advance. Be very specific about your plans and whats NOT covered when you inquire so that your credit card company can give you accurate information.

It’s important in such a situation to remember that you may only need liability Mexican auto insurance Baja coverage for a Mexico plated vehicle. Paying the price for a full coverage policy can double your costs. The simplest choice is really to avoid a Mexican vehicle and to opt for a rental solution in the U.S. or Canada. You will be able to price your Mexican auto insurance Baja policy as you investigate Mexico car insurance online. You’ll appreciate the simplicity and relief as you avoid many aggravating details.

Upon completion of your rental, you can contact our Mexico car insurance online agents by phone at 1-888-800-9988. We will complete your order by phone, and we can fax or email your policy documents at once.

Baja and Rental Vehicles

Summers are particularly active times for rental vehicles heading into the state of Baja Norte. Many groups of people travel for pleasure and consider rental cars for their California and Mexico adventures. Although the majority of your time may be spent in the United States, you still need permission from the rental agency before you take a vehicle south of the border. It may be tempting to dart across for a quick drive to Ensenada or Rosarito, but the consequences on both sides of the border can be devastating if proper permissions and Mexican rental car insurance Baja coverage haven’t been obtained.

Many groups travel to the area with the intent of renting large vehicles or vans to carry their members south for service activities or youth camps. Our Mexico car insurance online coverage allows multiple drivers to operate a vehicle as long as they possess valid drivers’ licenses and are over the age of 21. However, you must remember to check with your car rental agency to make sure that their policies also allow for multiple drivers.

It’s important to remember the following:

  • Our Mexican rental car insurance Baja products are not applicable to any Mexican plated vehicles. Our Mexico car insurance online is designed to benefit tourists from the United States and Canada, particularly those who will be driving their own cars with license plates from their countries of residence. We cannot cover Mexican vehicles.
  • Our experience is that many credit card companies don’t immediately understand customers’ requests when inquiring about coverage for rentals of foreign vehicles. You must be precise in your communications, explaining the circumstances along with your concerns and needs. Verify deductible amounts.