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Mexico Car Insurance Policy Choices with CHUBB Seguros Standard

Read the wording for CHUBB Standard with Platinum Assistance Protection (English)

Read the wording for CHUBB Standard with Platinum Assistance Protection (Spanish)

When you select Mexico car insurance policy, you want to know that your protection is reliable and comprehensive. You will appreciate financial strength that is dependable with an CHUBB Standard vehicle insurance for Mexico coverage. The global ratings as of June 21, 2011, for ACE were at exceptionally high levels, including:

  • A.M. Best – A+ for financial stability
  • Standard and Poor’s – A– for financial strength
  • Fitch – AA- for strength of insurer

You can review the basics of the CHUBB Mexico auto insurance coverage standard policy. You can also use the convenient tools on the site to visually evaluate the differences in Mexico car insurance policy features as you consider the best Mexico car insurance policy for your travel plans.

Civil Liability in Third Party Incidents

Your Mexico auto insurance coverage addresses third party property damage and bodily injury that may result from operation of your covered automobile in a loss that is covered. You can benefit from protection through Mexico car insurance policy coverage that includes a combination of property damage and/or bodily injury up to the amount of your selected liability limit. Your choice of limits includes, $50,000, $100,000 and $300,000. It’s important to evaluate your travel plans as you select a limit because Mexican law provides for higher compensation amounts to dependents of deceased individuals in third party incidents than in any time in the past.

Damage and Theft of Your Automobile

Your ACE Standard Mexico car insurance policy includes coverage of total theft as well as collision, fire, lightning, explosion, turnover and glass breakage. Additionally, a number of natural disasters are covered. You are responsible for the Mexico car insurance policy deductible delineated in your policy. Towing costs are included for moving your automobile to a designated location for service and repair. United States repair may be a viable option depending on the situation. It is important that you recognize that vandalism and partial theft of your vehicle are excluded unless you select the Platinum endorsement to encompass these issues.

Medical Coverage

The medical costs of the driver of the vehicle and its occupants are paid for injuries received in a covered incident. You can opt for a $2,000 per person and $10,000 per accident limit, or you can select a policy with double these amounts in medical coverage. A Platinum Mexico car insurance policy allows for even higher limits. It’s important to note that motorcycle policies are ineligible for medical coverage.

Vehicle insurance for Mexico coverage Platinum Assist Program Benefits

When you opt for vehicle insurance for Mexico coverage with the Platinum Assist program, you can also count on these benefits:

  • Roadside assistance with guarantees
  • Medical help and references
  • Legal assistance with bail bond
  • Mexico car insurance policy Tourist assistance and information
  • Help in transmitting important and urgent communications

Mexico car insurance policy Broadening Features with a Platinum Endorsement

Consider the details of your travel plans, thinking about some of these enhanced ACE Platinum Extended Mexico auto insurance coverage features:

  • Mexico auto insurance coverage Coverage in case of collision with an uninsured motorist – physical damage to your vehicle and medical payments for you and your passengers
  • Partial theft or vandalism – common issues in some areas but not covered under the standard policy
  • Fixed deductibles – some of the lowest fixed deductibles in the industry
  • Higher medical payment and liability limit options – important if you will be traveling in a state that provides high levels of compensation to dependents
  • Higher Mexico auto insurance coverage repair rates per hour – competitive repair options are available with higher payments available

All vehicle insurance for Mexico coverage benefits come with FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE