Spanish Language Tips for Your Trip to Mexico

March 16, 2014
Michael Ryan

If you are a little stressed about how you will manage without speaking Spanish on your trip to Mexico, you may want to consider a few pointers from the team coordinating your Mexican insurance coverage. While your Mexican insurance coverage documents are provided in English, you will find that beyond the border, most advertising and information will be provided in Spanish. This doesn’t mean that you have to be out of the loop as you travel. Follow our tips for better conversational ability and understanding.

  1. Carry a dictionary – a pocket dictionary is a cheap tool that can help when you are at a loss for words. While an electronic option or a smartphone app may help, have a backup for times when your batteries fail or your signal is dropped.
  2. Learn some basics – directions, road signs and basic needs while you are in the country should be in your limited Spanish vocabulary. Make a cheat sheet of terms that you expect to encounter.
  3. The cognate is your friend – a cognate is a word in Spanish that closely resembles the English word with the same meaning. For example, electricity and electricidad are nearly identical. You may be surprised at how many words are so easy to interpret.
  4. Endings are helpful – suffixes in Spanish are clues to word meanings, especially with endings like -dad. Spanish words ending with -dad are equivalent to English words ending with -ity. On the road, velocidad means velocity or speed. Your Spanish vocabulary is already more extensive than you realize because of such phrases.
  5. Cómo se dice? – The question means how do you say, and it’s a great way to get help as you point and ask.
  6. Dónde está? – This question means where is, and it’s helpful if you need directions.
  7. Se habla inglés? – If all else fails, ask for someone who knows English!

Don’t Forget Your Mexican Auto Insurance

While you focus on your language prep for your trip, remember that it is illegal to travel in Mexico without a proper Mexican insurance policy. Your team at can provide you with excellent value and low, fixed-rate deductibles as you select the policy that best suits your travel plans.

Mexican Insurance Coverage by comes with Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico at no additional charge.

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Denna Greiner

The first thing I do before buying any product online be it insurance or otherwise, is to vouch for reputation of the seller. The more reputable the seller is the more genuine the product is likely going to be.

Bridgette Schmid

From my very own experience, I’ve learned that the best way to appreciate the magnificent landscape and spectacular beaches of Guerrero and indeed the rest of Mexico, is to self-drive. The best dose of serenity you can give your mind while driving out there is to have Mexican insurance.

Piedad Weldon

Mexican children are really expressive and mostly disciplined. If you want your child to learn one or two from them, especially speaking Spanish, take them on a trip to Mexico. My 12-year old learned a great deal of Spanish within three weeks I was there on vacation.

Hwa Sprouse

The first time I went to Mexico with my 12-year old son, I only intended to stay for just one-week. But, within three days, my son had gotten lots of friends and he was already learning Spanish very fast. It was difficult convincing him out of Mexico except by force. Anyway, we brokered a truce that we extended the holiday by an extra week.

Ardis Willard

Since I had difficulties in mastering Spanish, I decided to have a language exchange club where Mexicans who have interest in learning English and Americans who have interest in learning Spanish meet and interact under the guidance of English-Spanish instructors. With my Mexican insurance available to me at the click of a button, things have never been easy for my drive down south.

Albert Carrozza

You can get your auto insurance at the border. However, buying one at the retail outlet will definitely cost you more. So avoid buying insurance at the ports, supermarkets or convenience store.

Sarita Kittrell

With Mexican insurance, there’s no way you can miss spa facilities. Driving around the city is enough to find elegant spa services to repair the body’s pains and injuries.

Corrine Sites

Is it secured to cross in Mexican border towns? We’ve been hearing about it, but just want to make sure if it really is. Thank you.

Josette Pinard

If you want to mix learning Spanish with other international experience, enrolling in Spanish language course could be the best source.

Shawnta Abel

It’s okay to commit mistakes in speaking Spanish. It’s acceptable especially for newbie learners and inexperienced. One option, focus on familiarizing yourself with the most common words and expressions in Spanish.


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