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Saving People Money With Affordable Online Mexico Insurance Rates from For Decades

When you consider the sources available for your Mexico car insurance, it’s important to think beyond the simple price of your policy. While great rates are important for saving people money, great coverage is equally important. This is where Mexican auto Insurance by is different because our experience matters as there are no standardized policies or rates in the Mexico insurance industry.

Some online and many border providers offer unrated policies with questionable financial strength who can have poor reputations for paying claims. Unrated policies can offer trade-in value for your stolen or totaled vehicle, or allow you to repair in Mexico only, which could easily cost you thousands of dollars if you need to use your policy. After all, you are not paying for just a piece of paper. You may never need to make a claim with your Mexico car insurance policy, however you need to know that you are protected by a competent insurer with quality coverage and that your claim will be handled professionally.

Savings Available with Mexican auto insurance from

Some of the most significant points to consider as you evaluate our Mexico insurance by products include:

  • Low online purchase pricing – we have sold thousands of our policies nationwide and in Canada – there are no middle men, so we can keep our Mexico car insurance rates and fees lower with better quality coverage than what you will generally find at the border
  • No extra fees or taxes – your upfront quote is the same as your total premium.
  • Time – Why search around and wait in line at the border to pay a $27.00 fee at a roadside stand?  Savvy online customers save 69% by paying $16.00 for the exact same policy services
  • Refunds – we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are unable to travel for any reason. Just email us before the policy inception date and we will cheerfully refund your money.
  • Our rating system is designed to be self-service, however if you need computer assistance we will create a policy for you and email it to you in 5 minutes at no additional charge.
  • Roadside help – our “AAA” like roadside assistance coverage is added to every policy at no additional charge for breakdowns, lockouts or blowouts during your travels
  • Legal assistance – our legal enhancements exceed those of many policies, providing you with both representation and bail bond assistance at no additional charge
  • Medical help – medical evacuation and related Medical Payments issues can be expensive, but these are included in our assistance packages
  • Financial strength – independent evaluation agencies like A.M. Best and Standard & Poors (the world’s leading providers of independent insurance credit risk research ) back our Mexican auto insurance from Mexican insurance with A and A+ Plus ratings, testifying to the quality of the coverage and the ability of the providers to handle claims.
  • Changes and adjustments – liability limits on your policy can be changed and adjusted without penalty
  • Coverage throughout the country – your policy is valid for all areas of the Republic of Mexico at no additional charge
  • Vehicle repairs – higher repair rates are offered for Mexico, the United States or Canada, enabling you to have your vehicle properly fixed
  • Deductibles – we offer the lowest fixed-rate deductibles available in the industry

Your selection of Mexico car insurance isn’t just a matter of obtaining a piece of paper that says that you have coverage. You are investing in genuine high quality products and services that are tailored to address your potential needs related to driving in Mexico. We also provide comprehensive support and technical assistance for customers who aren’t comfortable making an online purchase, handling your quote by phone if needed and at no extra charge. We can email your policy documents within minutes, saving you time, money and frustration.