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Although it may appear to be easier to buy Mexican insurance coverage at border shacks or in mini-mall locations, this method is no longer the preferred way to purchase genuine high-quality coverage at the best price. Experienced travelers understand Mexico insurance online provides more opportunity to research and review the variations coverage and see our fees are 44% to 69% less than many of our competitors. In this day of easy access to information, it’s surprising that so many vacationers motoring to Mexico still have little understanding of where to get the best Mexican insurance coverage, what their coverage does and does not include, and how expensive the additional fees are when buying from a stand near the border.

Our decades of resources provide you with the ability to obtain reliable and extensive, full-coverage or liability-only Mexican insurance coverage. Our products can be selected simply and easily through our web site, and instant printing from your own home or office ensures that you are armed with the proper documentation needed during your time in Mexico. Your printed policy documents serve as your proof of coverage and we save you an average 69% online over additional fees commonly charged at the border.

We have sold many thousands of dependable Mexico insurance online policies, providing excellent experiences to our customers throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Canada. In fact throughout all of America.  Our experience in commercial excess and surplus transportation insurance exceeds that of any provider in our industry. Avoid frustration while saving time and money with your selection of a high-quality policy, available online seven days per week for less.

Located north of San Diego, CA we are the largest seller for Mexican insurance coverage in the Inland Empire, including Orange County, California. Our commitment to service ensures that you come first as we endeavor to match your Mexico insurance online purchase to your needs. Our delivery system for your documents is online, fast and accurate. The process is simple, and you are able to print your policy documents right away after your purchase is complete. Same day policies are OK.

We provide you with the only guarantee of roadside assistance and claims services in the Mexican insurance coverage industry. Following are some of the stories and comments we have received through the years in appreciation of our service and the quality of our policies.

MexInsuranceStore.com Solves Problems for Canadian Couple

We just got back to Canada, arriving last evening in our car. This wasn’t the initial plan, but you helped us to navigate an unexpected vehicle challenge. Earlier in the year, I received my resident documents. Unfortunately, I discovered that this meant that I couldn’t have a car built in Japan any longer. We dealt with a number of officials and visited several offices in search of a solution. Finally, we decided that we would just drive the car back to Canada. We didn’t want to run the risk of acting on incorrect information. Although we got a lot of advice about how to import the vehicle which is not part of NAFTA guidelines, there wasn’t any tangible proof. Instead, we asked for permission to take it to the U.S.-Mexico border, knowing that our B.C. insurance would be in effect once we crossed into the U.S. We have used your Mexico insurance online services and coverage for three and a half years, and we have always felt safe in our travels in Mexico. We have been fortunate not to have required any claims services, but we know that our Mexican insurance coverage was in place if the need arose. We will certainly use your agency if we drive a different car back into Mexico using my husband’s tourist visa. Thank you for your years of exceptional service.

– J and R Kipp, BC Canada

The Personal Touch with MexInsuranceStore.com Mexican Insurance Coverage

I appreciate the fact that Linden treats me like a friend rather than using a lot of pressure tactics to garner a sale. The personalized service is equal in quality to the actual insurance products offered. I feel confident when I’m dealing with an organized agent who responds right away to my Mexican insurance coverage questions. I always know that he will respond with an interest in helping me to understand my coverage clearly, and his sense of humor is great as well. Many thanks, Linden!

– R. Dillinger, Colorado

As our policy expires today, we don’t plan to renew at this time. We have returned to Canada, but if we decide to make any short trips in the future, we will get in touch. Your service has been a tremendous help as you have provided us with Mexican insurance coverage the last three years. We would recommend your services you to any driver who may have plans for Mexico travel, especially since your Mexico insurance online features are so easy to use.

– Paul C., BC, Canada

I needed Mexican insurance coverage for my drive to Ensenada as I prepared to give a talk at the University of Mexico, UABC. My research led me to your site. Of course, I did some follow-up, checking the BBB to read about your A+ rating. I was pleased to read that you had been in business for many years and that you haven’t had any complaints. I actually contacted the company by phone, speaking directly to Linden. He was easy to work with, very pleasant and helpful. He helped with all of the important details, setting up my policy and emailing it while I was still on the phone. I was provided with all of the necessary information for dealing with an accident, and his pointers were very helpful. The company certainly merits that A+ rating in my book, providing a high level of customer service. Thank you!

– Andrew T.

I rate your Mexican insurance coverage services at a firm 10. You have been friendly and helpful, answering each and every question. You also saved us both time and money by mentioning the auto permission letter so that I could be sure to take care of it before we left on our trip. Thank you for your assistance.

– K. Weaver

You really put me at ease when I was concerned about planning my vacation to Mexico. Mr. Gray is helpful and calm, and he was so patient in answering my questions. On a scale of one to 10, you get an 11 from me.

– D. Valentino

Every expectation related to my Mexico insurance online has been met. When my stay in Mexico was prolonged, you helped in getting my coverage extended. You were friendly and professional on the phone, and I really appreciate the fact that there weren’t any hidden fees. I’m recommending your Mexican insurance coverage services to everyone.  This company’s Mexico insurance online experience ensures that you will be covered perfectly and know your rights and responsibilities as a foreign motorist during your travels in Mexico.

– R. Hyland

As I logged onto the website, I was provided immediately with the current Mexican insurance coverage information. It was easy to print out, and I’m confident that my Mexico insurance online is good for the next year. We travel down every other week, and I can’t tell you how important it is to have the peace of mind in knowing that our policy is in place.

– J. Wilson

We flew into Mexico recently, and we planned to rent a vehicle. I got fast answers to my questions about Mexican insurance coverage, and I can confidently refer my friends and relatives to this company. We’ve lived in Mexico on a part-time basis for the last two years, and your Mexico insurance online experience makes it easy to take care of the coverage that we refuse to live without. The company provides outstanding service. I really expected that I would speak to a clerk who knew less than I did about Mexican insurance coverage online, but I actually spoke to a knowledgeable and friendly agent.

– D. McManis

Your expertise about Mexican insurance coverage is impressive, and your willingness to go the extra mile made a huge difference. My accident was handled quickly by a Mexico auto insurance adjustor who showed up on a Sunday to assist.

– A. Uuola

MexInsuranceStore.com Mexico Insurance Online Solves Unexpected Border Purchase Problems

We really appreciate your help this morning in obtaining a hard copy of our Mexican insurance coverage. We thought that we were going to be able to buy coverage after we crossed the border, and we were surprised to discover that the office was closed. We inquired about finding another purchase point, and people encouraged us to just continue on with our travel. They must have figured that we meant insurance for traveling from Mexico into the United States. We continued on our trip, driving another two hours south. My husband was really distressed about our lack of coverage at this point, drumming up visions of use in jail because of an accident without coverage. I really didn’t want to retrace our travels just to get Mexican insurance coverage, so I put our iPhone to work as I looked for a solution. My search for a solution for our Canadian vehicle produced your site, and as I reviewed the packages and filled in the information on your quote page, I was able to quickly select and pay for our coverage. We were covered and confident in less than 10 minutes’ time. What a relief it was to know that we wouldn’t be facing that imagined jail stay. We printed our documents out that night at the hotel when we had access to a computer and printer. Still, that confirmation email really changed the tone of our trip. Additionally, my husband sees the value in our having that cellphone when we embark on a foreign trip. Mil gracias!

– Jo K.

MexInsuranceStore.com Mexican Insurance at Work in Case of an Accident

We were involved in an automobile accident during our drive home from Loreto in Baja. I contacted the Mapfre office, and we had a representative meet us, driving the 100 miles from Loreto in less than two hours. The next day, a legal representative from Mapfre joined us as well, having driven all the way from Cabo. These representatives handled all of the negotiations and issues related to our accident without causing any distress to my wife or to me. I’ve traveled to Baja to vacation for more than 25 years without any problems. This was the first time I ever needed assistance because of an accident, and I was truly impressed at the professionalism and efficiency of the Mapfre representatives. If you are debating about policy options for Mexico insurance online, I highly recommend this provider. I’m also quite thankful for Linden’s concern, advice and commitment. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having your policy documentation and your auto registration with you to prove your ownership of the vehicle. It’s the law, and you need to be prepared just in case something happens.

– L. Granieri

I’m really glad that I bought my ACE Mexico insurance online before my trip. I arrived in Mexico a few weeks ago, lacking in the ability to speak Spanish but ready to learn from some Mexican friends associated with the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the area. My Ford Explorer wasn’t in its place in the garage, and right outside of the house, a driver smashed into my car’s wheel. Of course, he was uninsured. The suspension and steering components were broken although the paint wasn’t even scratched. The police arrived, and my car was towed away. I didn’t realize just how important my Mexico insurance online policy would be, but I was about to find out.

The Mexico auto insurance adjustor showed up at 7:30 the next morning to assist, and he went right to work in getting results. The uninsured motorist was held in jail until I was satisfied, and he wasn’t able to get his own vehicle back until I signed that I was content. The adjustor was able to get the needed repair money from the driver. This worked out well because my deductible was $500, very close the the estimated costs for repairs. Back home in Canada, the cost would have been closer to $2,000. They really handled it well. His lack of insurance would have left me having to cover that deductible. However, the adjustor brought in the driver’s employer, his father and the polioce to put pressur on him to borrow the money and pay for the damages. That threat of staying in jail and not getting his car back really worked.

The repair shop that the Mexico auto insurance adjustor recommended sent its manager to the police station to participate in the negotiations for a couple of days. The shop’s estimate was approximately $8,000 pesos, the equivalent of approximately $700. They dropped $1,000 pesos from the price. The uninsured driver borrowed $5,000 pesos from his employer and relatives. I agreed to pay the remaining $1,000 pesos myself. The $80 price tag was worth it to be able to move on after the incident. The driver’s girlfriend and newborn child were in the office, and I could easily see that they didn’t have money to spare.

Within less than a week, my vehicle was returned to me like new. The ACE Group’s Mexico auto insurance adjustor really saved the day, and the other driver was able to get out of jail and have his old car back. That’s how things work in Mexico when you have an accident that involves an uninsured motorist. I was fortunate to have a great professional and a Spanish speaking friend at work on my behalf. It seemed a little bit like a circus at times, and I don’t know what I would have done without the support of the Mexico auto insurance representative helping me.

I really give myself credit for buying the best possible Mexico insurance online. I had plenty of choices, but my ACE Mexico insurance online was worth every penny that I pair. I had a professional Mexico auto insurance representative at my door the morning after the incident, and he helped me through a process that could have been very confusing otherwise. When I’m in Mexico, I practice defensive driving to avoid problems. I also keep my Mexico insurance online policy up-to-date. I especially recommend the ACE Platinum policy to anyone deciding on the best coverage.

– P. Cameron

Comments from Colleagues in the Auto Insurance Industry

Our working relationship of more than 20 years has been solid. Linden is a true professional, driven by a commitment to excellence that is demonstrated on a daily basis. His integrity and strong work ethic are admirable. Check out his Mexico insurance online products to see for yourself.

– Kirby L. Harness, StPaul.com

Linden is well-informed and trustworthy as a student of his business, continually looking for unique and alternate ways to solve problems.

– P.C. Castonguay, Crum & Foster Managers

You can appreciate the peace of mind that comes in doing business with Linden Gray. He is honest, and he cares about those on the other side. He is very authentic and unselfish. What you see is what you get.

– Al Nassar, Senior Vice President and Branch Manager of Yasuda Fire and Marine Company of America

Linden Gray provides reputable Mexico insurance online products. He is honest and sincere, willing to hand problems to the fullest extent necessary.

– Brett Moore, President of Advanced Transportation Services, Inc.