What options are available for coverage periods with your policies?

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What options are available for coverage periods with your policies?

Our policy lengths for Mexican insurance online range from one day to one year. While most options are calculated on a daily rate, you will find that our six-month and one-year options are generally less expensive than daily rated insurance in Mexico policies, especially if you will be in the country for more than 25 days. If your trip will be less than 25 days in length, it is more cost effective to select daily rate protection. Our online quote tools provide you with the ability to make instant comparisons of daily rates and long-term costs. It is important to consider the nature of your plans and the time of your travel, especially if your trip is close to that 25-day limit. Allow yourself some wiggle room with a six-month policy if you think you may want to stay longer or if you are traveling during a time that is prone to inclement weather. You can then go back and forth all you want.

The plans and purposes of our customers vary greatly. Some of our customers are interested in very short policy periods to provide protection for day trips during visits from out of town. They may not spend more than a few hours in Mexico, but they realize that having valid insurance in Mexico is important. At the same time, we have customers who spend months at a time in Mexico or who travel into the country frequently throughout the year. They may have business or service activities to consider, or they may visit family members residing in the country. Whatever your plans are, we can provide the right amount of insurance in Mexico coverage.


While many factors affect your costs, it’s important to remember that the length of coverage plays a big part in determining what you will pay. Additional factors include the type of coverage, the value of your vehicle, the type and amount of deductibles, and enhanced coverage options. When deciding on the best value for your insurance in Mexico, the price you pay isn’t the only determining factor. Other considerations include:

  • Can you afford to replace your car if you are in an accident? Liability-only coverage is cheaper, but damages to your vehicle will be your responsibility.
  • Can you shoulder the costs of your deductibles? Fixed-rate deductibles are ideal if your vehicle is valued over $25,000, and our deductibles are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Does your policy provide you with legal assistance and bail bond coverage? While some providers include legal help, only approximately 30 percent of the marketplace includes bail bond protection. Finding your own legal help can cost thousands and be unreliable. Our policies ensure that you will have experienced and approved legal representation and bail if needed.
  • What will you do if you break down? Our ACE policies include a 30-minute roadside assistance guarantee on all Mexican highways.

Driving and Mexican Law: The assumption of guilt is the rule in Mexico because of the country’s use of Napoleonic Code. It is expected that foreign drivers carry appropriate coverage by authorized providers while driving in Mexico. Your policy documents serve as your proof of being able to cover the damages if you are found to be responsible in a collision. It’s wise to consider extras like comprehensive legal assistance and roadside help. You can be detained, and your car can be impounded if you are in an accident.