Exploring The Ancient Ruins Of Mexico

August 26, 2014
Michael Ryan
Pyramid of the Sun , Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

The ancient civilizations of Mexico were formidable and sophisticated.  The ruins and sacred areas will turn into the highlight of any trip to the different regions.

You will find beautiful palaces, decorated temples, tall pyramids and gruesome sites of sacrifice.  These sites have intrigued visitors to the area since the arrival of the Spaniards during 1519.  Planning a visit to these sites is a journey of discovery into the extraordinary past of this interesting country and should not be missed.

Archaeologists have spent years and years uncovering some of the ancient sites and making remarkable discoveries.  Many of the sites have been restored to their previous glory and are now accessible to visitors.  Some of the sites have only been partly explored, while thousands more remain untouched.

Museums and Important Sites

Most of the pre-Hispanic sites in Mexico are scattered about the south, southeast and center of the country.  This is where the greatest of the ancient civilizations developed.  The sites that are most famous often have throngs of tourists.  There are sites that are hidden on remote hilltops or those hidden away in thick jungle areas.  These are often the most interesting ones to visit as they are not messed up with constant foot traffic through it and there are fewer people around.

The best months to visit some of the archaeological sites in Mexico are outside of the rainy season and months when the temperatures are at their highest.  The main areas and best months to visit are:

  • Central Mexico:                              August and October to April
  • Oaxaca:                                         October to March
  • Chiapas:                                        October to May
  • Yucatán Peninsula and Gulf Coast:  November to April

Most of the sites are open to visitors from 9am to 5pm daily.  Some are not open all week long, and the main days of closure are on a Monday.  It is best to visit the sites as soon as possible after it opens.  This is the time when the temperatures are low and many visitors have not yet arrived.

Driving Into Mexico

Some of the more popular sites have museums on site, but you can also visit the city and regional museums.  Many of these museums hold very valuable and impressive artifacts dating back to the pre-Hispanic days.

One of the more popular museums include the National Museum of Anthropology which has different sections for the most important civilizations and here you can view the famous Aztec sun stone, as well as a replica of King Pakal’s tomb.

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Leigha Perdue

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Shanae Singletary

The amazing artifacts of pre-colonial Mexico preserved at Museo Nacional de Antropologia endowed me with a great understanding and appreciation of the ancient humanity from which we all come from.

Jaunita Gustafson

Two years ago I boarded a train from Mochis to Chihuahua. It is one those travels that make you feel like you are an underground mole riding on a giant but friendly snake.

France Connors

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Quinn Engstrom

You may have visited many different places in the world but Mexico is one-of-a-kind. Many exotic beaches, mountains and destinations are only seen in Mexico.

Kym Stairs

Mexico’s rich natural surroundings present tons of opportunities to have fun and enjoy what the nature can best offer to people.

Lien Pinero

Proven and tested, Mexico is a safe place where tourists and travelers wind up and recharge themselves. Statistically Mexico is a well-visited country around the world.

Ranae Moe

Different places and different beaches have great fun to celebrate in Mexico. They are affordable.

Toya Kerber

Can’t imagine visiting La Paz! Despite the scorching heat of the sun, our plan to drive to Mexico will push through. Thanks for having Mexican auto insurance.


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