Avoid Getting Diarrhea While On Mexico Vacation

May 08, 2015
Linden Gray

In Mexico, traveler’s diarrhea is often referred to as ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’. This term is coined after Moctezuma II, the Aztec ruler, and is an extremely common illness which many travelers suffer.

Mexican Insurance

The illness is generally caused by bacteria, which is found in food and water that has been contaminated, due to poor storage, handling and sewage disposal. You can avoid this illness by being aware of what you eat and drink, and maintaining cleanliness.

You should not drink water from the tap. It is better to purchase purified, bottled water to drink. After you purchase bottled water, you should ensure that the bottle cap has not previously been opened. You should also consider using bottled water to brush your teeth. When you shower, do not open your mouth as this will cause you to swallow some of the tap water.

You should eat in places that cater for tourists and avoid eating from the vendors on the streets. If you love salads, make sure that you obtain it from an established provider or you could avoid it and eat well-cooked vegetables instead. If you are going to eat fruits, choose ones that require peeling and ensure that you peel it yourself. Ensure that any meat you consume is well-cooked. Wash your hands regularly, particularly prior to eating, or make use of suitable hand sanitizer.

You should try to stick to these suggestions, but it may not always be that easy. The level of your conscientious regarding these issues will be affected by the length of your trip and how adventurous you are. You may not have the willpower to pass by some of the delicious food sold on the streets in Mexico. Many say to avoid lettuce and strawberries and find out whether at major resorts the water is filtered throughout the entire resort, especially in all-inclusive resorts. This MAY work, but in our experience many restaurants, motels and hotels insist their water is filtered when it may not be 100% effective. So simply take a few common sense precautions and you should be fine. Remember for example that ICE is frozen water and should be avoided.

It is possible for you to purchase fruit and vegetables in the market and obtain a disinfectant product, called Microdyn, which can be found in most of the grocery stores. All you need do is place a few drops of it to water and place your produce into it for a few minutes before you consume it.

The symptoms of this illness includes nausea and stomach cramps. These symptoms could last for a day or sometimes as long as a week. You can obtain over-the-counter penicillin locally at any pharmacy without a prescription and you should be fine in a day or so. There are thousands of local pharmacies in Mexico. Just remember to finish any medication.

Take Care of Mexican Insurance Before Your Trip to Mexico

Not only should you take care of your health while on your travels through Mexico, you should also take care of your legal obligations whilst in the country. To enter Mexico, you will require a passport or passport card. You also need to produce registration papers for the vehicle you are driving. An important factor to bear in mind if you are going to travel by land in Mexico is the requirement of Mexican insurance. Your American or Canadian car insurance is not valid in Mexico. This requirement should not cause too much panic as it can easily be obtained inexpensively online.

You will normally save time, money and frustration purchasing Mexican insurance online. Before you buy Mexican insurance however, you should have all your car insurance documents at hand as you may have to provide personal information. All Mexican insurance policies from from online providers like MexInsuranceStore.com come with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost.

Further Mexican insurance company policies sold by MexInsuranceStore are all A or A+ rated by A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s, whereas many Mexican insurance company policies sold especially at the border are not rated. Many local Mexican insurance companies have recently started to pay trade-in value if you vehicle is totaled. MexInsuranceStore.com online policies pay private party or retail depending on the value of your vehicle. There may be many other advantages.

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Filomena Whitmore

Low-priced Mexican insurance policies have normally limited claims and benefits, but not with Mex Insurance Store which prices are highly competitive.

Maragaret Macon

When taking a vacation in Mexico, do not stop at the border to buy Mexican auto insurance. Waiting thirty minutes to one hour is irritating. Most of the last-minute policies don’t cover what you need and are expensive.

Tynisha Smithson

If you want a spring break and you’ll go only to Mexico once this year, you can buy the cheapest policy to get you covered. At least you’re insured and you comply with the Mexico law.

Asley Cheng

Having a vacation in Mexico is meant for fun and enjoyment—and not for frustration. Your fun can be turned into a big frustration if something bad happens to you. You can’t do anything because your car isn’t insured. So get covered by a legitimate Mexican insurance company.

Alisha Jahnke

Always keep your Mexico insurance in your car. Remain watchful for cross walks. In most Mexico areas, pedestrians exercise their right-of-way.

Micaela Sheedy

Always check if your Mexico insurance coverage is still in effect. If you’re in a hurry to leave, update your policy online.

Filomena Gant

Cool down the food when it’s hot before storing it inside the fridge. Do it immediately so bacteria won’t start to multiply.

Genesis Devlin

You can spend the rest of your life in Mexico eating different dishes but it won’t be enough to sample Mexico’s full range of great menus.
Driving requires Mexican insurance.

Felicita Masson

Don’t forget to bring your first-aid kit. They are essential. Off road traveling goes to distant places and they are miles away from the medical establishments.


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