Visit The Stunning Beaches Of The Mayan Riviera And Cancun

October 03, 2014
Michael Ryan
Cancun Beach

The Beach and Buildings of Cancun

Sun lovers seek out the Mexican Caribbean for its beautiful beaches and wonderful accommodation facilities.  It is not necessary to stay in the high end accommodation if you prefer to go backpacking, you will find a suitable place to overnight.

The area from Cancun to Tulum each has its own unique beauty and stunning beaches to offer the visitor.  Once you turn around a corner on the coast, the landscape may change from long flat white sandy beaches and soft rippling waves to huge rock outcrops and inlets that are filled with sea life and coral.

There is a wide choice of beaches that you can opt for in this region.

Tulum Ruins

You can enjoy the most stunning vista in the region at the site of the Mayan ruins known as ‘Tulum’.  Once you have hiked through a jungle and walked through the ancient walled city buildings, you will get a view of the deep blue ocean against the backdrop of the cliffs and the ruins.  Once you descend the rather steep staircase, you will find soft sand underneath your feet, at the bottom of a rock wall.  With the castle above you and the waves at your toes, you cannot ask for a more idyllic setting to connect with the history and the natural beauty of the region.

You can reach Tulum from all areas within the region and it is an extremely popular day trip for visitors.  Most visitors combine a trip to Tulum with one to Xcaret, an eco-park where you can see the fauna and flora of the sea and the jungle.  The town of Tulum is well-known for its restaurants and rustic hotels, along with some luxury resorts.

The 120 km drive south of Cancun airport should take you about an hour and a half on the main highway.

You should ensure that before you leave your home country for this exciting trip to Mexico, you obtain a Mexican auto insurance.  Your current car insurance will not be valid in Mexico.  You can obtain Mexican auto insurance by purchasing it online from this link.  It is wise to ensure that the policy you buy is covered by a reputable provider, who supplies you with contact details and numbers in the event that you are involved in an accident whilst in Mexico.

Mexican auto Insurance

The Need for Mexican Insurance Policy

You will have to make a decision regarding the type of policy you want to buy.  You can opt for a liability only policy which will cover damages and injury to third parties only.  Your vehicle and the occupants of your vehicle will not be covered at all.

Alternatively, you can opt for a full cover policy which will cover both third parties and personal damage and injury.  This is a more comprehensive policy that will ensure you are not stuck in Mexico.  You should check the additional cover that is available with the different types of policy, as it may be a good option to add in legal assistance and bail bond assistance.

Mexico offers the tourist the most superb areas of interest and beaches.  To ensure that you make the most of your trip, you should get your paperwork in order before you leave home.

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Armandina Mallory

Sea of Cortez is a place highly endowed with variety of marine wildlife. It is one of those places I love to go diving while free just to watch the underwater creatures. You can easily drive there from California but make sure that you have Mexican insurance. They asked for it at the border.

Carmen Saldana

During my last Christmas vacation in Guadalajara, Christmas eve was spectacular. Fireworks accompanied by songs and merry-go-round dances around fireplaces were spectacular. The smell of ponche de Navidad was so aromatic as I ate till midnight. Make sure to purchase Mexican auto insurance for a safe and healthy travel.

Amiee Kearney

I love scuba diving in Ensenada. Though it is a long journey to drive from Vancouver, Canada, I still find it more fun and adventurous than taking an airplane. Getting Mexican insurance for it online saves me the most.

Jeni Mera

Cancun is already world renowned. If offers white and clean beaches also crystal clear water. Perfect for a meaningful beach encounter with the nature.

Leonardo Mahon

Winter is the best time for Canadians to enjoy traveling in Mexico. It’s inexpensive and almost affordable to frequent travelers.

Marlana Jemison

High quality insurance is a must when you often travel in Mexico. Always make sure your car is geared for that tough travelling.

Adrian Muller

The price of Mexico car insurance varies depending on one’s travel dates. Recently, a 1-week trip in Mexico can cost as much as $164 based on research. I think this is highly affordable.


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