Best Places For Surfing In Mexico

September 22, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexico offers surfers some of the best waves in the world, along with beautiful beaches.  There are many beaches for you to choose from, but it depends on the time of year of your visit.

Todos Santos

Surfer Wipes Out

A surfer wipes out

This coastal stretch which lies between Todos Santos and Los Cabos in Baja California is one of the top surfing destinations.  It offers massive swells during the summer months which are when it hosts the most visitors.


This city is known for its famous beaches, such as Playa Olas Altas, Cerritos Beach, Playa Los Pinos, Playa Bruja and Cagadazo Beach.  You can experience better waves during summer, with smaller swells from November to April.


This town in Baja is only 70 miles south of the border.  The best times to visit here is during the winter months and it is advisable to pack a wetsuit for the trip.


This used to be a fishing village, based in Guerrero.  There are many surf shops which offer lessons and rent boards.  The best time to visit is from November to March.


Breaking Wave

Large Wave Breaking

This particular surfing area is not for the faint-hearted.  It is located in the small Colima state, but offers a powerful break which has fast, hollow tubes that break from both the right and the left.  The swells often reach heights of above 30 feet, making it ideal for experienced surfers.  The best waves can be experienced between April and September.

Barra de la Cruz

This village in Oaxaca is located about 12 miles from Huatulco.  The surfer’s beach is around one mile from the village center.  The area hosted the 2006 Rip Curl Pro Search competition which brought attention to the area.  It offers good swells from March to October, but the best time to visit is during June and July.

Puerto Escondido

This is the surf which put Mexico on the surfer’s map.  The beach break, known as the Mexican Pipeline is famous on this surf.  The swells are largest during May and July.

Playa La Ticla

This beach in Michoacan is not as well-known to the tourists.  This allows you to surf in tourist-free, crowd-free swells.  The beach is well-known for the long left point reef break which occurs at the Ostula River mouth.  The facilities at the beach are very basic, with most surfers opting to camp.  Surfing conditions are good most of the year, however summer is the most popular time.

Before you pack your vehicle with camping equipment and surf boards, you should ensure that you have all your documentation in place.  Along with your passport and tourist permit, you need to obtain Mexican auto insurance.  This insurance will ensure that should you be in a vehicle accident, all your costs will be covered.  You should choose the best policy for your circumstances.

If you intend travelling in a vehicle with a high value, it would be best to consider buying a comprehensive policy. You may click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy. You should also consider some of the add-ons to the policy, such as legal assistance.  You may require legal aid after an accident as the chances are that you will be detained until blame for the event can be determined.

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Cammy Coyne

Taking your Mexican auto insurance cover at the border is prone to more risks. You never get to know the rating of the insurance providers and thus you could end being duped.

Shayla Beckwith

I like cruising using my Honda ATV. Getting Mexico insurance for it online is easy and cheap.

Nickolas Prevatte

Each city around the globe has its structured gangs of robbers. It is smart to be alert especially in congested areas like bus stations. So it’s better driving your own car carrying your Mexican insurance.

Eryn Huynh

In Mexico, there are abounding stunning resorts with affordable rates and accommodations. Low budget isn’t a big deal, though.

Larita Plant

It is important for US citizenship drivers to know their insurance policy before entering Mexico. Many Americans are not aware about the law that requires Mexican insurance.

Madlyn Faller

If weather is hot and too difficult to bear, it’s easier and more tempting to grab a cold can drinks.

Travis Hollis

It’s true! There are plenty of stunning beaches in Mexico and each one has something distinctive to offer – especially to travelers.

Janay Ridley

Many tourists prefer to take a summer break in Mexico due to its favorable climate. Drive with Mexico insurance.


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