Should You Take Your Boat To Mexico?

July 15, 2014
Michael Ryan

If you love fishing and are considering taking your boat on your next trip to Mexico, there are a few logistical problems you have to consider. It may be easier to charter a boat.

Recreational Boat in Mexico

Boat Into Mexico

Using a charter service allows you to avoid the challenges you experience when towing your own boat. However, taking your own boat will save you the money it will cost to charter a service. You will also be on your own time and can take your boat out as and when you choose, rather than being dependent on the slots available and the time constraints of a chartered service.

Before you make a final decision regarding the two options available to you, you should consider that you will require Mexican car insurance if you tow your own boat. Although your boat is not classified as a vehicle, you have to include towed vehicles and items on your primary Mexican auto insurance policy.

Costs of Bringing Your Boat

To charter a boat could cost you a few hundred dollars per persons for one day on the water. This fee includes the services of a local person who has the knowledge of the area to take you to all the hotspots. That person will also know all the regulations about fishing in Mexico, and will know where to go during the different seasons.

It may be necessary for you to share the vessel with others who want to go fishing. However, the chances of a successful fishing trip are increased when you make use of a charter service.

By adding your boat as a towed vehicle to your Mexican auto insurance policy, you will generally not be adding too much to the cost of the overall policy. The import fee you need to pay will include your towed boat. If you are going to Baja, the import fee is not applicable.

Fishing in Mexico

Fishing in Mexico

Other costs you have to consider if you want to take your own boat are the marina slots and the fuel. This will probably not be close to the fees you will be charged for a charter boat service, and you have the opportunity to remain on the water for as long as you choose and pull in some fish for supper.

Mexican Insurance Policy Type

You would normally choose your Mexican insurance policy based on the needs related to the vehicle you are driving. If you take your boat with you, your considerations may have to change. If you opt for a liability only policy and you happen to be involved in an accident where your boat is damaged, you will not be covered at all. You can click here to purchase Mexican insurance policy for your boat.

You should consider the value of both your vehicle and your boat and make your decision based on the replacement costs for both. If that cost is an amount that you would not be able to cover should you need to replace those items, you should consider opting for a comprehensive policy. This will ensure that should you be involved in an accident, the costs for your car and boat, as well as any personal injury will be covered.
You should give careful consideration to your needs before you make a final decision on the most suitable Mexican auto insurance policy for your fishing trip to Mexico.

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Elois Arellano

Mexico is such welcoming; the warm-hearted people, the enticing Mexican cuisine and the easy-going culture are all inviting. However, when it comes to insurance, don’t trust everyone. There are many shady characters out there selling low quality Mexico insurance cover. Get online Mexican auto cover and steer away from shacks.

Mai Kincaid

I still love going to Xochimilco. I am one person who loves floating on water and playing in water for long hours. Canoeing is just my favorite leisure time activity. Xochimilco is my place.

Lecia West

If you wish to see Cancun, it’s a small portion of heaven for outdoor sports lovers as well as for history buffs & thrill-seekers. It only requires Mexico insurance to be there and enjoy!

Pearl Headley

The process in buying Mexican insurance is very simple, but you have to be sure you’re choosing the right coverage to avoid regrets eventually.

Linden Gray

It is difficult to shop because the differences in each policy and program between competing Mexican insurance companies is so great, and that’s before anyone discusses price. Its very complicated. That’s why a specialist is needed.

Akiko Poirier

It is hassle-free if you go to Mexico with coverage. The only thing that hinders traveling is when you travel without a copy of Mexico insurance.

Dot Crofoot

It’s not only smart to bring your mobile phone in Mexico. Make sure you still get the right services you need from your provider to guarantee a hassle-free traveling. Mexican car insurance helps as well.


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