Guide to Bullfighting in Mexico – Mexican insurance policy

June 18, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican insurance policy

Plaza de Toros Mexico City

Guide to bullfighting in Mexico – Mexican insurance policy

Bull fighting is Mexico’s national entertainment, as both a skill and a sport. But since there are no elements of competition involved in the proceedings, there are some enthusiasts who prefer to view it as a “fine art” and not a sport. The Plaza de Toros in Mexico City is the largest bullring in the world and attracts tourists and natives alike in large numbers. A Mexican insurance policy is a must-buy purchase for those driving across the border. With Mexico car insurance, you can head anywhere in the country worry free.
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A brief history of bullfighting

The initial Mexican bullfights were festive occasions marking religious and civic events and holidays. There are thousands of bullfighting events that take place each year across Mexico, especially during the dry season.

Each bullfight consists of three separate acts referred to as “terceros.”  In the first part, the bullfighter’s aides determine the bull’s competence by waving capes. Next, the “Picadores” riding on horses will come and attempt to poke the bull with lances as the “Banderillos” place miniature ribbons onto the bull. At this point, the matador will emerge, and dare the bull to chase after him as close as possible, while he passes a huge cape over it. He will then proceed to thrust a blade known as “espalda” into the back of the bull’s neck, and with luck, kill the bull neatly.

As this is going on, the audience, wearing their best outfits shout “ole!” as the music is played and wine taken. Tickets can be purchased at the arena or at convenience stores.

Should you watch bullfighting?

Bullfighting is partly a sporting event and cultural ritual. So, if you decide to go to the bullring, you should expect to see the bull killed as the crowd cheers.

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