How Easy Is It For Canadians to Visit Mexico?

July 23, 2014
Michael Ryan

As the number of Canadians visiting Mexico every year continues to rise, Mexico continues to make it even more convenient for them to enter the country and enjoy the many attractions that the country has to offer. Laws relating to migration have particularly been addressed in the recent years and every detail seeks to make travel to Mexico easy for Canadians.

Mexican and Canadian colors

Mexican and Canadian flags

Here are some indicators:

  • Just as it has been for some time, Canadians do not require a visa to enter Mexico. Instead, all they need to show the Mexican authorities is a passport to confirm that they are Canadians.
  • No conditions are attached to the Canadian passport, like, for instance, having a minimum validity period. All that the visitor requires to do is to ensure that the passport’s expiry date does not fall when in Mexico.
  • For the people who live in Canada as permanent residents, they are treated just like the Canadian citizens, only that they are required to produce their Permanent Resident Card. In addition, they need to show the Mexican authorities either a Passport that is valid or a Refugee Travel Document that is also valid.
  • It is also a relief to know that whether you are Canadian or a citizen of another country and the US has issued you with a visa, you can always get entry into Mexico without other demands for a Mexican visa.

What category of people does Mexico refuse entry?

Of course, you have to fulfill the requirements mentioned above that basically relate to personal identification and confirmation of your residential status in Canada. You also need to be insured the way you are insured elsewhere when you are driving, for the sake of other road users.

In addition to that:

  • A criminal record will make it difficult for you to get admission into the country. If you have a criminal case going on in Canada or elsewhere, or if you have previously been convicted of a serious crime as defined by Mexican laws, you could be denied entry into Mexico.
  • If you have a criminal case continuing, or if you have been convicted of a crime as defined by international laws that Mexico is a signatory to, you could be refused entry into Mexico.
  • If your background is such that you are likely to compromise national security in Mexico or public security anywhere in or out of Mexico, as explained in Article 43 of the Mexican Migration law, you could be denied entry into Mexico.
    Mexican Border

    At the US-Mexico Border

Basically, Mexico is very welcoming but only seeks to keep away people whose behavior might negate the basic values of society. The crimes that are notorious for that include:

i.        Child pornography

ii.        Exploitation of minors

iii.        Trafficking in minors

iv.        Corruption of minors

v.        General trafficking of undocumented persons

vi.        Drug trafficking and related crimes

vii.        Extortion

viii.        Aggravated robbery

ix.        Highway robbery

x.        Theft of vehicles

xi.        Piracy

xii.        Sabotage

xiii.        Genocide

xiv.        Prison break

xv.        Counterfeiting currency and related crimes

xvi.        Rape

  1. Unlawful possession of firearms and related crimes
  2. Smuggling of firearms into the country and related crimes

xix.        Being involved in forceful disappearance of persons

xx.        Tax fraud and related crimes

xxi.        Environment related crimes

  1. Manslaughter
  2. Terrorism; locally or internationally

Any reformed Canadian ex-convict who would like to visit Mexico but is not sure whether admission will be forthcoming can consult a Mexican consulate in Canada, or even the Mexican Embassy. For information on recent changes on migration laws, one can always check out details on the website.

Be informed: Do Not Be Conned

Do not be duped about being assisted to enter Mexico by unscrupulous people. The process is pretty straightforward and the only people with express authority to either accept or reject your entry are the Mexican immigration officers of the federal district, otherwise referred to as INAMI.

So, if you are driving across the border, just make sure your car is serviced for long distance travel and it has the mandatory Mexican auto insurance of $300,000 or above. You may purchase your Mexican insurance policy on this link. With the personal identification specified above, you are good to go.

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