A Visitor’s Guide To Acapulco

February 19, 2015
Michael Ryan


Acapulco is probably one of the best-known Mexican resort destinations.  It was one of the main attractions from the 1950s.  Unfortunately, Cancun became more popular during the 1980s, but Acapulco still remains an extremely popular resort, particularly with those taking a spring break.

It is located a mere three and a half hours drive from Mexico City, which makes it popular with residents of Mexico City looking for a weekend break.

History of Acapulco

The area was discovered during 1566, although it had been inhabited by locals for centuries.  Acapulco acted as the main port for trading with China and the Philippines.

Due to it being the main trade port, the city was often attacked by pirates.  This boosted the need for the construction of the Fort of San Diego during the 17th Century.  The fort was subsequently rebuilt during 1776.  The highway which connects Mexico City and Acapulco was finally completed during the 1920s and the superhighway reached completion during 1955.  This is what boosted the popularity of the region.

Get Your Mexican Vehicle Insurance Before Traveling to Acapulco

If you intend using this superhighway, you should ensure that you have adequate and valid Mexican car insurance.  Insurance from the US and Canada is not valid in Mexico.  The simplest method of obtaining Mexican auto insurance is to go online and do a search.  You will be confronted with a host of insurance providers and you should confirm that these are licensed providers. You can purchase your Mexican auto insurance from a licensed provider using this link. Once you have decided on the most suitable providers, it is a good idea to do a comparison of the offerings.

You will have the choice to purchase liability only or full coverage.  If you choose liability only, any damage or personal injury to you and the passengers in your vehicle will not be covered.  However, third party damages and injuries will be covered fully.  On the other hand, if you choose full coverage, damages and injuries to all parties will be covered.

Mexican Travel

Once you have your Mexican vehicle insurance in hand, you can head off to Acapulco with peace of mind and enjoy all it has to offer.  There is a range of activities for everyone in this region.  You can watch the cliff divers at La Quebrada, which is quite a spectacular scene.  The discos in Acapulco are famous, so you can party all night.  You can opt for a romantic sunset cruise with your partner, or you can visit the city center and purchase handicrafts.  Of course, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning beaches in the area.

Events in Acapulco

The nightlife in Acapulco is often the reason for many people to visit this region.  The parties do not commence until around 11pm and can continue all night.  A visit to Mandara nightclub is an elegant event and offers a wonderful bay view.  If you are looking for something more casual, you can visit Disco Beach at Playa Condesa.

A day trip to Taxco is an interesting venture.  This silver mining town is only two hours from Acapulco.  It is a quaint colonial town which still has cobblestone streets and traditional whitewashed buildings.  You can obtain a huge selection of silver goods here at very competitive prices.

Acapulco offers different types of accommodation to suit all budgets.

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Aisha Latimer

Getting the best quote requires that you visit various insurance policy providers. Doing this physically or over the phone and email can be such a daunting task. The easiest way is to visit online sites where you can get a variety of quotes for Mexican auto insurance cover.

Darcy Crockett

Mexico is a place where you can find great bargains. However, be careful that what you are bargaining for is of standard quality and not a rip-off. This is more so with your Mexico insurance cover. Always get your products and insurance policy from reputable suppliers.

Karon Mintz

Though some residents of Chula Vista drive to Mexico without Mexico insurance, I dare not do that. I once got into an accident down there and realized how bad it is to have an accident in Mexico without a car insurance.

Milda Miner

Nor Cal can seem far off from the Mexican border if you are not accustomed to driving long distances. However, I am used to this as I like spending my holidays in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada. If you feel it’s far off to drive, you can take a flight and make arrangements for a Mexican car hire. Make sure that your hired car has Mexican insurance coverage.

Rosalee Herrmann

Tourist visa, car permit and Mexican auto insurance are mandatory if you plan to drive in the interior of Mexico and stay there far beyond 3 days. Some choose to ignore these but when caught on the wrong arm of the law, consequences are really punitive and not worth the risk.

Etta Largent

Plain coverage may not be enough for your Mexican insurance. It’s imperative to consider additional possibilities as you take your journey in Mexico.

Kaylee Hewitt

Drink healthy and drink responsibly when you arrive in Mexico. Clean water rejuvenates and replenishes the body’s need of liquid. Eight to ten glasses can keep you from getting sick.

Loria Cornwell

Even if it’s not your fault, an accident could lead you to recover the damages except when you have Mexican insurance.

Consuelo Tan

Don’t disregard the challenges that may happen during your summer trip to Mexico. So get armed with a Mexico vehicle insurance policy.

Thelma Cadwell

When you’re preparing your car for traveling, there are essential things to check out and to skip some old practices like low Mexican insurance limits.


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