Medical Challenges While Traveling in Mexico

March 06, 2014
Michael Ryan

A trip to Mexico should be a lot of fun, but you may want to plan for unexpected medical emergencies and issues. It’s important to note that medical practices may be a bit different from what you are accustomed to at home, making it important to have a plan before you actually need assistance. Your Mexico insurance through includes some provisions for getting you back home in case of a medical emergency or grave illness. However, you will need more than your Mexico insurance to navigate hospitals and clinics in an unfamiliar area.

Mexican Auto Insurance Through

Be Realistic

One of the most important ways to prepare is to be realistic. A medical issue can arise anywhere. Thinking that you are immune won’t make it so. If you are asthmatic, for example, it would be unwise to travel without your emergency inhaler. If you will be away for a significant amount of time, arrange to travel with an ample supply of any maintenance or emergency medications you will need. While you may have heard that medications are cheap in Mexico, you need to balance that with the fact that different manufacturers may produce medicines that are comparable to those you take. Being able to get your products for less money isn’t a guarantee of their usefulness. Use what you know you need, and carry a copy of your prescription information if verification is needed.

Research medical clinics, doctors and hospitals in the areas you will visit. You don’t need to obsess, but you should have a short list of places and numbers to consider if something happens. You’ll find that areas like Baja may have limited options in rural communities. However, you’ll find some private medical facilities in addition to national hospitals, allowing you some alternatives if you need care.

Medical emergencies can range from broken bones on adventure vacations to severe gastrointestinal problems because of poor food handling. Make good choices about your activities to limit your risks.

Remember Mexico Insurance Through

The legal way to drive in Mexico is to be sure that you start with Mexico insurance. There is little or no leniency for foreigners involved in accidents who have failed to obey the law in this respect. Remember with us, your Mexico insurance includes travel assistance and emergency solutions if you are faced with significant medical issues during your trip.

Our Mexico Insurance comes automatically with Roadside Assistance and Legal coverage at no additional charge.

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Jamey Wheeler

You’re correct. No need to buy new batteries whatsoever. If we already have them, better bring them along. The only item that we must buy is the Mexican auto insurance, that one is an obligation.

Martine Hinckley

I followed your advice to pack some food and drinks when I was driving to Mexico. As I arrived very late at the border, checking in into a hotel wasn’t a good option. Luckily I had my food and drinks with me. For protection, of course I had the Mexican auto insurance with me.

Ricki Diehm

How unbelievably cheap the cost of beach properties in Mexico is! $100k is all I need to own a beachfront property in Mexico! If I could get my hands on one of them, I don’t mind renewing my Mexican auto insurance every year as I’ll definitely stay in Mexico for good!

Corrinne Stuber

I brought the travel pack with me where every item was small in size so they didn’t take up much space in my luggage bag. There was even room to put my documents including the printed copy of my Mexican car insurance.

Errol Palumbo

When you want to enjoy the beaches of Sonora and go further to the interiors on a self-drive, online Mexican insurance is best choice for you as it will ensure that you endeavors are not unduly disrupted by accidents.

Jesse Tatum

The most important part of Mexican insurance when you are visiting foreign lands is the kind of assistance that you are offered in case of accident or car breakdown. Considering Roadside Assistance and Medical Assistance is the most prudent way to ensure your safety and help.

Rhona Jeske

If you plan to experience fun in Mexico, then drive it with Mexico insurance. All car owners and drivers should know the laws in Mexico particularly the driving rules and regulations.

Enoch Chiou

While traveling, it’s wise to use common sense in protecting yourself. Don’t stay alone at night, stick to areas with lots of tourists and keep money out of sight. These are some precautionary measures to do.

Jane Mccright

Before packing your stuff, it’s important to find the right Mexico insurance for you and your car.

Susann Rimes

Baja is one of the favorite destinations. It isn’t difficult or terrifying. I guess my family can find it good enough for a beach camping vacation.

Cornelia Mchale

Tons of health tips are accessible online. They’re important to escape from likely hassles and unexpected stomach issues.

Daron Bright

You can literally eat foods outdoors and have that fun-filled picnic. Making sure that whatever it is that you eat – be it fruits or raw veggies – washing them first is a must.

Shaquana Donahue

Mexican Insurance Store is one of the best sites to compare quality policies and select the best provider that meets your small budget.

Deandra Nickel

Purchase for health insurance as well as Mexican insurance for cars. An accident could ruin your trip and those that travel with you.

Stephanie Gillogly

Your health is so important. Make sure that the water you drink is treated or boiled if you’re traveling in Mexico rural areas.


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