Guide to Mexican chocolate across the border! Mexican insurance policy

April 20, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican insurance policy

Chocolateria & Tienda, Tijuana

Guide to Mexican chocolate across the border! Mexican insurance policy

Mexico has given the world many gifts, including tomatoes, avocados, chilies, corn and tequila.  This is not all though.  They also gave the world two extremely global flavors – chocolate and vanilla.  Both of these tastes started within Mexico. Of course, you need a Mexican insurance policy before traveling across the border. Pick up Mexico auto insurance before you finalize your trip details.
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Where does chocolate come from?

Cocoa beans are obtained from the cocoa or cacao tree, which flourishes in a tropical, humid climate. Most people think of chocolate in its final solid form, but it was mostly consumed as a drink in the past.  It was a prized commodity in ancient times and only warriors and nobles were allowed to consume it in Mesoamerica.  The drink was normally sweetened with honey or drunk as a bitter drink, with chilies and spices for flavoring.

If you want to try chocolate, mole is an absolute must-have must be foodies, as well as the more traditional stuff. Mexican chocolate, for example, is nice any time of year. Try as much food as possible while in Mexico.

Get a Mexican insurance policy before you cross the border!

Most people love this delicacy and to enjoy it to its fullest, you should visit the various states in Mexico that produce cocoa beans.  To ensure that you reach your destination and enjoy cocoa or chocolate drinks and food, you need the right amount of Mexico auto insurance when traveling on the roads in Mexico.  The rules of the road are not as strictly adhered to as in the US and Canada.  This fact, along with the difference in the signage language could result in you being involved in an accident. Pro Tip: Mexican insurance policy coverage is required to drive on toll roads, so secure Mexico auto insurance before you cross!

To ensure that you are adequately covered should you be involved in a vehicle accident, you should obtain a Mexican insurance policy before you leave home. It is best to go online and do a comparison of the available policies, rather than wait until you reach the border to purchase Mexico auto insurance.

Mexican insurance policy coverage from exclusively features Roadside Assistance to ensure peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip!

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Gale Veal

Avoid bribing in Mexico. If you are issued a fine, take it and pay that fine. Pay it at police station not to the cop. If you pay to the cop, it will only go directly to his wallet. For other road protections, it is always helpful to take Mexican insurance each time you drive.

Carlos Vasquez

Driving a foreign-plated car can give you problems. Not if you have Mexican insurance for Phoenix. Enroll your vehicle now!

Harry Proctor

There are different degrees of precautions a driver should consider when driving to Mexico.
There’s a guide available from any insurance provider.

Jacquelyne Pawloski

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can always trust Mexican insurance. What it does is it provides protection as well as peace of mind for those on board the car.

Mckenzie Haywood

Do you love Spanish foods? There’s no better place than to go to Mexico, any time of the year. Head off driving safely with Mexican auto insurance.

Floy Campion

Although it’s just a small town it can host more and more travelers from around the world year after year. The place is perfect for various outdoor activities.


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