Do GPS vehicle trackers work in Mexico?

July 25, 2017
Linden Gray
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Many people who are not experienced traveling in Mexico often suggest that bringing anything other than a 15 year old beater into Mexico is an open invitation to theft.  To address these fears, both at home and abroad, many vehicle owners purchase GPS tracking systems that are either temporarily or permanently installed in or on the vehicle.

Though the technology and functionality are quite different, it’s become a common term to LoJack a vehicle.

Looking at today’s options, there are several GPS tracker options that are available for consumers.  Some have their own 2-week battery source.  Others can be wired into the car’s power. Motorcycles and even high dollar tools can also be outfitted with GPS tracking devices.

These GPS trackers typically rely on GSM mobile services to guide the owner to the vehicle.  This means they need to tap into the local cellular data network.  If you have your device set to broadcast the location every minute then you may incur significant data charges by foreign carriers or non network carriers.  These are permanently wired in and can help locate a car that’s been stolen or simply keep track of your teenager and where they travel to.

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The XT-2150 Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracker for Cars is among best options available for wired GPS trackers that constantly receive power from the vehicle.


For more temporary applications, the STI_GL300 is a top rated device that runs exclusively on its internal battery.  These are self-contained and last about two weeks until the battery needs replacement. Modern crime stories often refer to these in tracking a suspect’s car.


A few, more rare and expensive trackers only use satellite to track the vehicle but they require a line of sight to the sky.  The easiest and probably most affordable to use is the Spot Trace.  It communicates solely via satellite and has many features to both alert you of your vehicle’s movement as well as tracking it on your smartphone or computer.

The larger question one truly has to answer is, “How likely is my car to be stolen?” In the USA, there is definitive evidence that vehicle theft is on the rise. The same as in Mexico. This is especially true in the big cities.  Motorcycle theft in big cities is spiking off the charts.

While traveling in Mexico, many first-time travelers worry about their vehicles being stolen. The reality may surprise most people.  In Mexico, US plated vehicles are typically more likely to be stolen than they are in one’s home country.

Having said this, one counter argument sometimes brought up by locals is that vehicle models often different between the countries, i.e. if Juan all of a sudden shows up with a late model BMW sedan, everyone in town is going to know it’s stolen and police, especially when prompted with a small cash reward, will be quick to recover it.

Simply buying quality Mexico car insurance policies, from A+ rated carriers like CHUBB, Mapfre, or HDI will ensure you are protected in any eventuality. Pick up Mexican insurance before taking off!

Story and Photos by Jim Foreman

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Leif Stalls

If you know you’re driving with Mexican insurance, whatever happens has a good price. Your insurance provider will take charge of all the liabilities you have to settle.

Nestor Barros

In most street corners, you can find supermarket carts and small vendor stands for those selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Brook Bernal

It is a must to taste the different varieties of Mexican foods ranging from piping Hot Tacos, Tostilocos, Tostadas and fried foods on the streets.

Johnathon Cabell

Remember, you can use your iPhone and table to check Mexican insurance coverage costs before you head on to Mexico.

Aline Runge

For quick and easy driving, you can get Uber and you’re on the go. It’s a great alternative if you don’t feel like driving your own car.

Bea Weems

Passport, luggage, timing are important items you need when traveling but if you’re driving, you need Mexican insurance.

Caron Quisenberry

In Mexico, you can literally eat what you want, but make certain that the food you eat looks clean and watch out for the water with fresh lettuce etc.

Hertha Ung

In addition to Mexican insurance, GPS is another thing suitable for all kinds of driving needs. It makes every travel hassle-free.

Jeff Kean

Even in Mexico, GPS runs effectively in any weather. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the climate.

Michiko Angevine

Compared to the traditional way of insuring your car, our present time is the most convenient way of getting Mexican insurance. Why? Because of technology.

Sari Watt

Even a smartphone is a good option to purchase Mexico car insurance online. It doesn’t require an hour to get coverage; just few minutes will do.

Sha Conroy

Although it depends on the product features, GPS in your infotainment has more comprehensive directions with a larger screen to simplify driving. Carry car insurance for Mexico and keep your eyes on the road.

Chery Gregoire

The arrival of GPS has become a turning point for drivers’ safety. Thanks, GPS. Get Mexico auto insurance and drive wherever.

Zetta Brasier

If you car has the built-in GPS system, easier driving and traveling with enhanced security becomes accessible.

Peggie Eddy

Families can prepare the day with various outdoor activities and adventures. Also, tourists enjoy Mexico’s great drinks and food. Hitting the road requires Mexican auto insurance coverage.


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