Drive To Rocky Point, Mexico

May 18, 2014
Michael Ryan

Rocky Point is a four to five-hour drive from Phoenix.  This depends on the area you are in, the time of day you leave and how fast you drive.

The US Department of State often issues travel warnings for travelers to Mexico.  Rocky Point is one of those areas that had an alert issued whereby travelers are advised to limit their travel to daylight hours.  You should consider these alerts and check if there are any before you leave home.

To enter Mexico, you need a passport or a US Passport Card.  You should carry your proof of ownership of your vehicle with you as well.  One important issue you should take care of before you leave home is insurance.

Your American or Canadian car insurance will not be valid in Mexico.  Incidents happen everywhere you go, so you should consider that you may be involved in thefts, small bumps or you could be involved in a serious accident.  If you do not have valid Mexican car insurance, you could face time in jail.  It is not difficult to obtain Mexican auto insurance, so there is no reason to visit the country without it. You may click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy.

You should decide if you want to purchase liability only or comprehensive insurance.  Liability only will not offer coverage for any damage you incur personally.  It only covers damage and injury to third parties.  If you intend driving a high value vehicle to Mexico or you want peace of mind while traveling, you should consider opting for a comprehensive policy.

Before you leave to drive to Rocky Point, you should ensure that you have a map or that your GPS is in working order.  You do not want to get lost in a foreign country.  Taking a trip to Rocky Point is no different to visiting another US city, however you are in a different country and should consider some factors such as the following:

  • Do not take guns or ammunition to Mexico with you
  • You should not take up employment in Mexico, unless you have the documents to do so legally
  • Obtain suitable legal advice if you intend buying property while in Mexico
  • If you intend going beyond the free zone, you will require a vehicle permit.  You should do your research on the areas you intend visiting, before you leave home
  • You should carry your vehicle ownership and registration papers with you, along with your Mexican car insurance policy.  It is a good idea to make a couple of copies of these documents, in case you lose one copy.  You should print your auto insurance policy in both English and Spanish.  This often makes it easier if you happen to be stopped by a traffic officer who does not understand English
  • If you are towing any vehicles, ensure that you have the relevant documents to prove ownership
  • If your dog is accompanying you on your trip, he or she will require documents from your vet which indicate that all the vaccinations have been done
  • You should not try to return to the US with fruit, plants or coral
  • If you make any purchases within Mexico, retain your receipts.  You may need to produce it at Customs


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Stephaine Baltes

Communication while roaming around the streets of Mexico is compulsory as you might need to reach your designated place in such events Mexico insurance assists you at its best.

Houston Schoenfeld

Many Canadians are delighted by the warm wave of happiness and enjoyment in Mexico, a Country full of extravagant places to visit as a result Mexico insurance is necessary.

Vi Mellish

Many local shops in Mexico are known to be excellent with their high end product that is why Mexico insurance is highly recommended in case you need an urgent travel back home.

Barry Dehaan

Magnificent beaches and luxurious resorts in Mexico surely makes every foreigner to visit this beautiful country again, better guide yourself to purchase Mexican insurance for identification at the border.

Cuc Goers

An R.V is suitable for every user who wants the excitement and relaxation altogether as they head towards Mexico, a sense of satisfaction guaranteed, however apply for Mexican car insurance for safety.

Josie Whitmore

Although you need to prove your identity it is unlikely that you would take the risk of purchasing Insurance from an unknown agency. However Mexican Insurance Store is considered a good insurance company.

Mckenzie Haywood

The cold weather of Saskatchewan can make your skin look pale and lifeless. Drive down South to Mexico to enjoy natural skin tanning that will breath fresh natural life into it thus leaving your skin sparklingly beautiful.

Haydee Bartell

Most people looking for an inexpensive investment in a second home are expecting it in Mexico. There’s higher demand in vacation rentals now.

Kamilah Chau

It’s a smart thing to invest in car insurance as you visit Mexico. Nothing can be more gratifying than having a peace of mind cuz you know you’re covered.

Tonda Guinn

When picking an appropriate coverage, consider the length of your stay in Mexico. It depends on how many days you want to be in Mexico.


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