Driving Conditions In Mexico

April 06, 2014
Michael Ryan

The driving conditions in Mexico are very different to those of the US and Canada.  You should remain alert on the roads and try to break your trips into shorter periods of time.  This will prevent tiredness at the wheel and the possibility of losing concentration.

Mexican Police and Documents

When you drive in Mexico, you should ensure that you carry your driver’s license and a valid form of identification with you at all times.  You should also carry your proof of vehicle ownership and registration, as well as your Mexican auto insurance documents with you.  The Mexican police often patrol the streets and may ask you to produce these documents.

The government in Mexico has started clamping down on police bribery.  This used to be commonplace when drivers were pulled over by members of the police.  If you are pulled over and the officer asks you for your documents, you should politely and calmly hand them what they have requested.

Gas Stations

The gas stations in Mexico are easily recognized by the white and green PEMEX signs.  The price does not vary very much in the different regions in the country.  You should ensure that you have some cash in your wallet as most gas stations do not accept debit or credit cards.

Drivers’ Warnings

You should remain vigilant while driving in Mexico.  Some drivers are extremely careless on the roads and may switch lanes on the highway, without indicating.  It is recommended that you restrict most of your driving time to daylight hours, if you can.  It is very difficult to drive at night if you do not know the area.  You also place yourself at risk because drunk driving is fairly common in most areas.

Not only should you take care when driving, but you should also take the necessary safety tips regarding your possessions.  Make sure that you lock your vehicle when you park it and remove all valuables. When you start your trip, you should lock all the doors of the vehicle from the inside.  If you are travelling and notice rocks or large objects blocking the road, you should drive around it and not stop to investigate.  These blocks are often placed in the road intentionally to make drivers stop.


If you are involved in a vehicle accident, the authorities will normally detail both parties involved until they have established responsibility.  Unfortunately, this often prompts parties involved in accidents to flee the scene of the accident.  The reasons for this may be that they do not have car insurance or they may be intoxicated.  To ensure that you are covered in these instances, you should obtain adequate Mexican car insurance before you leave home.


The Mexican authorities do not recognize foreign insurance policies as valid in their country.  This means that you are under a legal obligation to obtain Mexican car insurance before you start your trip to Mexico.  You should look around for the best deal possible.  You can do this by doing an online search or you can go directly to this URL. If you intend obtaining full cover, it is recommended that you choose one of the more reputable, larger insurance companies.  It is very risky to drive without valid Mexican auto insurance and you could be penalized quite severely if you do this.

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Danial Stephenson

US insurance automatically becomes null and void immediately when you drive across the border into Mexico. Your failure to purchase Mexican auto insurance could subject you to the much tougher Mexican laws.

Burma Gentile

Knowing that anxiety and stress is one of the leading factors resulting into accidents, you cannot afford to create anxiety in your mind. Yes, that anxiety of being caught without insurance in Mexico. Buy Mexican insurance because you need it and your peace of mind will thank you..

Era Robles

GPS is a great utility. The good thing is that my GPS has map of North America and Mexico. So, whenever I choose to go South, I always want to drive into a new destination in Mexico. Thanks to my GPS.

Jeni Stanton

There is nothing as bad as being taken to a foreign jail, worse still, in a foreign land where you don’t even understand their laws and language. I experienced this in Mexico due to causing an accident while not having car insurance.

Cassey Navarrete

There are easy, quick Mexican insurance policies online. You can request quotes, at least from our insurance companies, to save more money and time as well.

Bulah Vazques

Whether it’s a 6-month policy or a few days policy only, Mexican Insurance Store will help you find the most affordable liability insurance policy.

Marquitta Rios

When it comes to security, Mexico country keeps its destinations safe, especially when people drive with car insurance. Travel enthusiasts want it, regardless of some false beliefs.

Diamond Marple

Don’t overdo your plan, instead do your advanced research to make sure you go to the place you want to go. One way to really get there is by having Mexican insurance.

Xenia Calcagni

Driving without car insurance? Probably, you do not know the risks and dangers if accident happens to you in south of the border.

Glayds Putnam

Car insurance protects the driver in case of property damage and body injury incurred to the third party. Be careful then even if you have coverage.

Jesusita Carvalho

If you’re searching for a romantic location in Mexico, consider Valle de Guadalupe. It’s the perfect place for romantic couples who want to spend nights and days together.

Lyla Vann

You need to be extra careful when there’s bad weather and dim light. Driving at night is less safe and less optional especially to first time visitors in Mexico.

Eliza Maclean

If you haven’t tried running your car in Mexico, first avoid driving in the evening. Accidents that are fatal have increased more at night than during the daytime. So avoid driving in the dark if you can do it during the day. Cattle, sheep, and horses sometimes roam the highways at night.

Sheryll Barnes

Once you have bought a secondhand or new car, the next step is to get car insurance. If you’re driving to Mexico, it’s Mexican car insurance different car insurance from the one you use in Canada

Eulalia Rasch

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