Earning a Living as You Tour Mexico

March 19, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Mexico is a friendly country and very welcoming, particularly to its neighbors, the US and Canada. Apart from demanding that the auto insurance be from a Mexican company, there is not much restriction for the visitors. Often, visitors from North America feel like their visit has been too short after their first visit, no matter how long. Of course, the longest a visitor is allowed to stay on tour of the country is 6months.

What can you do to stay longer in Mexico?

There are ways you can spend more time in Mexico if you fall in love with the country, until you experience the attractions across the states. You just need to be a little more creative.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go back home and then enter afresh, because then you will get a new visitor’s visa. Mind you nobody is going to check how far you go once you are out of the country. So, you could just cross the border and join the queue for new entrants.
  • You could also apply for a 4yr Residente Temporal permit. You could purport to be interested in business and actually get something to do while you are in the country. In this case, you will need to get some paperwork in place so that you can get the requisite special business visitor permit. Of course, there is some special fee for that.
    US Passport

    US Passport

How else can you get yourself temporary residential permit?

  • Get yourself a job with a multinational that has a branch or subsidiary in Mexico.
  • You will easily get temporary residential permit if you have special skills that Mexico needs.
  • You can apply to work in Mexico as long as you do not receive payment directly from a local company.
  • You can apply to set up your own company with the condition of investing in Mexico an amount equivalent to 40,000 times daily minimum wage for a Mexican employee.
  • You can apply to be resident with a view to investing in stocks or such other simple investment. The condition here is the same when it comes to the amount you are required to spend – 40,000 times daily minimum wage for a Mexican employee.

Are these conditions meant to restrict long-term visitors?

By no means are the conditions meant to restrict visitors who wish to stay longer in Mexico. Rather, they are meant to:

  • Protect jobs for indigenous Mexicans.
  • Ensure that only people who are financially independent come to stay in the country. In short, Mexico tries to discourage a situation where a visitor would become a liability to the state.

What are foreigners on Residente Temporal permit engaged in?

  • Actually some of the visitors do businesses as ordinary as running bars and restaurants.
  • A good number of the visitors are engaged in IT related businesses.
  • Another section of visitors offer consultancy in business development.
  • One of the most popular engagements for foreigners is English Language Teaching. This is not surprising considering that Mexico is predominantly Spanish speaking. Of course, the country has to protect its people from quacks and so you will have to produce a minimum certificate of TEFL. There are many language centers in the country that absorb competent manpower.

Private schools are also good employers of English Language teachers as a good proportion of their subjects are taught in English. These include Math and Science subjects.

  • Some visitors have the liberty of touring the country as they engage in community projects. Of course, these projects are meant to benefit the local people, but in the process the visitors have an exciting local experience.

What happens when your 4yrs are up?

It is easy to feel at home in Mexico because people are friendly and the weather is wonderful. So when your Residente Temporal permit expires and you wish to continue enjoying the Mexican culture, weather and scenery, you may:

  • Dash to the border and switch your status to that of a visitor with a Visitante
  • You could visit the INM or Instituto Nacional de Migración offices and seek a further 4yrs of residential statusMexican Insurance.

Get Your Mexican Vehicle Insurance

  • Needless to say, you need to then find a way of getting a fresh temporary car import permit and thereafter make sure you renew your Mexican car insurance policy.   Mexican laws require that tourists from the United States and Canada should have a valid Mexican vehicle insurance policy. The insurance policies that you have in the US or Canada are not considered valid in Mexico. You can purchase your Mexican auto insurance policy at the border or via the Internet but it is much cheaper and hassle-free if you purchase via the Internest. You can go to this MexInsuranceStore URL to start saving on your Mexican car insurance.




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Self-improvement means increasing your learning on something. In Mexico, you’ll learn their language even you don’t attend training programs. Self study, observation and application will speed up your Spanish language learning.

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Should you encounter a road accident going to Tijuana, Mexican insurance takes care of it so you are sure to taste Mexico’s delicious tacos.

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