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June 14, 2016
Linden Gray
Mexico insurance online

Copa America Centenario: Mexico vs. Jamaica – Rose Bowl

Mexico insurance online – Enjoy the Copa America Centenario inside Mexico!

After a long wait, the Copa America Centenario is finally here! Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of “The tournament of the Americas”, this special edition of the South American soccer tournament take place in the United States for the first time. Soccer powerhouses Brazil, Argentina, and Chile will all be there, as well as the top teams from North and Central America.

However, whether you root for the Yanks or El Tri, there’s just one problem: The tickets are horribly overpriced. Vice has already taken an in-depth look at the problem, and it’s not pretty. If you live in LA and wanted to see the Mexico Jamaica match at the Rose Bowl in sunny Pasadena, you would be expected to shell out hundreds of dollars for decent seats. Even parking was going for 40 dollars!

For that kind of money, you may as well head south and enjoy a weekend getaway inside Mexico, where you can watch the match in style and celebrate whether your team wins or loses. Before leaving, make sure you have Mexico insurance online. If you already have taken off, just pick up Mexican auto insurance with your iPhone.

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Who will win the Copa America Centenario?

IMO, Mexico has an excellent chance to win the whole thing. Led by master tactician Juan Carlos Osorito, El Tri is massively popular in America and will enjoy home field advantage the entire tournament. Star striker Chicarito is red-hot after a breakout season in the Bundesliga, while the squad is stacked with talented attackers including Hector Herrera and Jesus Manuel “Tecatito” Corona.

Behind Lionel Messi, Argentina are also strong favorites. Chile features the formidable pair of Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, and don’t count the USA out.

Where do I go to watch the games? 

Sotana Suizo - TIjuana

Sotana Suizo – TIjuana

If you wish to find a spot right across the border, Śotano Suizo in Tijuana comes recommended. The sports bar serves up homemade beer and other delicacies, including gigantic hot dogs! Mexicans and European tourists alike visit the location to enjoy futbol, and even Anthony Bourdain is a fan. If Mexico is playing, get there early!

Around Rosarito? The Paradise Cove Tiki Bar always has something going on, and the view makes it easy to stick around.

If you need help finding a spot, it helps to ask around. And remember, Google is always your friend. Road trip advice: Mexico insurance online covers multiple drivers, so purchase Mexican auto insurance together and save money!

Is Mexico insurance online required? (Yes)

A few years ago, it became mandatory for tourists to have Mexican auto insurance when driving around the country. Without Mexico insurance online, you could get in big trouble if you get into a wreck and can’t cover the costs. Pick up Mexican auto insurance ahead of time and secure your safety!

Mexico insurance online from Mex Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance!

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Choose to travel during the day. Schedule your time of departure and arrival during the daytime. Your Mexico insurance is your protection, so always keep it inside your car.

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Mexico requires all motorist to have proper car coverage and your Mexico insurance for Scottsdale is customized on the country’s laws.

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Your smartphone helps you get out of a sticky situation if you’ve cross the border without Mexico insurance coverage.

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Thanks for this helpful post. I’m positive, I will have the chance to see and explore Mexico soon. Craving to know its culture and the many beautiful places!

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To get things done quickly, be prepared with car insurance for Mexico online. Its easier than spending hours at the border.

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Its not only easier, its less expensive and the quality and coverage is stronger.

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Mexico is a choice between a usual trip to a beach or a culinary fest. Whatever it takes, this city is a nice place nobody wants to forget.

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