Ensenada – So Much More Than a Party Destination

April 10, 2017
Linden Gray

DowntownEnsenada    Ensenada – So Much More Than a Party Destination

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Located 75 miles south of the border, Ensenada is a fabulous place to spend an enjoyable and affordable weekend. The seaport city was founded in 1542 by Portuguese explorer Cabrillo. Later in the early 17th century Ensenada served as a port and harbor for Spanish treasure galleons headed to and from Manila, Philippines.

More recently in the 1930’s, this Baja entertainment gem gained its reputation as a party destination serving travelers escaping the US’s ill-conceived prohibition laws. Today, it serves as an important shipping port for goods throughout Baja California. Additionally, Ensenada is a major cruise ship port for several cruise lines including Carnival Cruises. With a population of over 500,000 the city is the third biggest by population in Baja California. The city is vibrant and diverse serving agriculture, mining, fishing, manufacturing, and tourism industries.

Tourism is what most Americans know Ensenada for and the city delivers the goods! Major celebrations such as Carnaval, Independence Day (September 16th), and Semana Santa bring Mexicans from all over to the perfect year-round climate of Ensenada. Other events such as it’s annual Beer Fest, held on St. Patrick’s Day weekend draws people from all over the US and Mexico.

Ensenada has a lovely Zona Touristica, one block in from the marina. It serves the thousands of cruise passengers that disembark. Party havens like Papas and Beer reel in the more waste-worthy crowd.


The famous Hussong’s Cantina at the north end of the tourist section.

Across the street from these destinations is Hussong’s Cantina. It’s the oldest and certainly most renowned cantina in Baja California. The Margarita was famously invented at Hussong’s in 1941 by Don Carlos Orozco. Hussong’s has had many famous patrons including Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, Steve Mc Queen, Marilyn Monroe, along with more contemporary celebrities on any given night. Despite its patronage by famous names, Hussong’s hasn’t changed and does nothing to cater specifically to these people. It is and has always been a lively local’s cantina.

The nearby Valle de Guadalupe is an up and coming wine producing region that is becoming more respected and desired each and every day.

The famous Ruta del Vino easily brings people to this rich region and some excellent wineries. When visiting, be sure to stop at Encuentro , Deckman’s, La Esperanza BajaMed and dozens of other fabulous wine-tasting destinations.

Agua Mala. A vibrant night spot that appeals to young professionals and local nightlife seekers.

Agua Mala. A vibrant night spot that appeals to young professionals and local nightlife seekers.

Today this Baja town is also known as a premier craft brew destination with several non-touristic locations that must be visited if you are a lover of beer. Aguamala, Transpeninsular, and Baja Brews Beer collective offer unique and memorable experiences.

You’ll be amongst locals who take beer and good times very seriously. Don’t miss it!

La Bufadora: About 40 minutes south of the Ensenada Marina.

La Bufadora: About 40 minutes south of the Ensenada Marina.

Other attractions include La Bufadora and El Salto. These are also worth a visit.

One of Ensenada’s greatest gifts to the overland traveler is the Scenic Highway 1 from Tijuana to Ensenada. Particularly between Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada, this breathtaking road will have you believing you have been transported to Big Sur.

Ensenada is quite safe and makes for a perfect destination for those unsure about travel to Mexico. Its warm and welcoming atmosphere dispels any concerns within minutes. Stay for a weekend or a week and let the region enchant you.

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Beaches, cities and towns are the best places to see in Mexico. During summertime, it’s important to consider the heat of the sun as well as the activities you’ll be doing outdoors.

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Getting a quick spa can already relax the body and recover from all stress and worries. Indeed, Mexico has silently become a popular global travel destination.

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In Mexico there are lots of cheap adventure vacations. It’s time to explore them. You can be like a true adventurer—with the help of adventure guides.

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This is advisable for a long trip: don’t leave your house without a copy of your Mexican insurance. It’s a must for all driving travelers.

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Bring the printed copy of your Mexico insurance policy, as this is helpful if you are stopping for a vehicle permit or for a tourist permit.

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The willingness to learn Spanish language requires more effort, patience & organization skills. It’s not really difficult dealing with complex words. We learn because we have patience.

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Mexico vehicle insurance offers bilingual assistance, which is a big help if you don’t speak Spanish. Their contact information is on your policy contract.

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Your place of origin and specific provisions determine if you’re eligible for medical costs deductions from your Mexico Insurance.

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Typically, ringing bells, fireworks, grapes, dinner, wine, hugging will set the stage in Mexico to welcome the new year. And for abundance, it is believed that spreading lentils around the door will make it happen.

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Go loose and light with your dress. Cotton makes you feel cooler and more convenient. Try to wear light colored or white shirts as well.

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San Felipe yearly festival holds contest in shrimp cooking – with chefs giving their best to win the prize for the best shrimp recipe. This is one of the must-to-watch events in Mexico.

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Lots of people don’t choose to have exchange gifts during Christmas Day. Instead, the vital part of their December 25th celebration is Poinsettias.

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Juicy fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and water content. They’re perfect for snacks when Mexico summer is too hot.

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Lots of restaurants use bottled water in Mexico. Within their premises, purified water is used to ensure safe drinking.

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Different states would mean different options for liability coverage in Mexico. Certainly, there’s one that fits your own travel needs.

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It’s sad but really true: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is enough reason to invalidate your Mexican auto insurance. Avoid driving after drinking.

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Oftentimes, family members and relatives are gone across the world and then it’s not easy to gather the entire clan together in one venue.


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