Fishing In Mexico

May 14, 2014
Michael Ryan

Fishing in Mexico
If you are planning or fishing or boating in Mexico while you are on holiday, you should take care and observe the rules and regulations that apply.  Obtaining all the required permits and licenses will allow you to fish and boat without worrying about the authorities.  There are a few simple rules you have to follow.

If your intention is to fish off a boat, the law stipulates that you require a fishing permit for each person on your boat, along with a permit for the boat.  In the event that you intend to go boating, but will not be fishing, you do not require a boating permit.  You should bear in mind though, that if the authorities find fishing tackle or fish on your boat and you do not have the necessary licenses, you are at risk of having your boat taken away.

It is possible for you to obtain these licenses from most of the tackle shops in Mexico.  To obtain a fishing license, you need to already have a boating license in hand.  The prices for these permits and licenses vary from one tackle shop to another.  You should do some research regarding the different pricing structures in the different areas.

The regulations related to boating permits and fish licenses are quite strict in Mexico.  The restrictions on boating and fishing are:

  • The use of electronic fishing rods is only allowed by disabled fishermen, for which written permission needs to be obtained from the Ministry
  • The only method of operating a boat in Mexico is to obtain a boat permit
  • Everyone who is on the boat requires a fishing license, regardless of whether they intend to fish or not, and regardless of their age
  • Only a single fishing hook and rod is allowed per person, however you are allowed to have an unlimited number of ‘replacement’ rods while the boat is in the water
  • A basic fishing license is only valid for catching fin fish.  Any other type of fish is not allowed to be kept and there are restrictions on catching marine life, such as Totuava or turtles due to the regulations related to the prohibition of it

Other limitations and rules that apply to boating permits and fish licenses include:

  • No limitation on catch and release fish provided the fish is returned to the water in good condition
  • The use of artificial light as a means of attracting large numbers of fish to your boat is illegal
  • For obvious reasons, it is not allowed to undertake sports fishing within 250 yards of swimmers
  • Underwater fishing, such as white skin-diving and harpoon fishing, is allowed, but limited to a catch of five fish each day

If you intend fishing while on holiday in Mexico, you should ensure that you have the proper licenses and permits to avoid confrontation with the authorities.  You should also ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance and boat insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. You may click here to get your Mexican insurance policy online.

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Lanny Barranco

San Diego people can enjoy and relax along high way as there are numerous pit stops and store for relaxing some leg muscles after a long drive, in case of getting into accident it is important to get Mexican insurance.

Armandina Claude

Nothing is certain when you plan out for Mexico although Mexican insurance can guarantee as secure and peaceful trip to entertain yourself in holidays.

Jamee Echavarria

When you have all the complete documents and required legal Mexican insurance you can confidently authenticate your vehicle without any trouble.

Donn Malo

You can further extend your stay in Mexico and for that you might as well need to update your Mexican insurance package plan as well.

Bridgett Dineen

In order to get more quality and excellent coverage you can easily negotiate with Mexican insurance online to avail special discounts for present and future travel plans.

Leonel Fenton

Whale watching is one of the many activities that you can enjoy while you stay in Mexico make sure to get Mexican insurance for any unfortunate event.

Gertrudis Trejo

Mexico has a large open market situated in Tijuana, especially for spices and food accessories. Many people from USA tend to visit this country frequently, which is why Mexican Insurance Store offers long to short term packages in reliable prices.

Joesph Palma

El Rosario, San Filipe and Cabo San Lucas remains my favorite fishing points while in Mexico. I love their scenic beauty.

Parthenia Boring

You will see national parks in Northern Baja that are good for camping, climbing, hiking including explorations. Life will never be the same when you go to Baja.

Gwen Moua

There are crashing waves off the Pacific coast of Cabo. Also, you will find the tranquil and sheltered water when you go to the Sea of Cortez. Both are perfect for a summer adventure.

Brittani Arreola

Mexican car insurance processing can take 5 minutes or less. It’s somewhat similar to making a hotel booking or purchasing a local airplane ticket.


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