Getting into Mexico by Land

October 04, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Just in case you are in the US and you want to drive to Mexico, you can, naturally, drive different categories of cars. If you are a company executive, you may choose to use a company car. If you are going with your family, you may decide to use the family car. Still, you could opt to use the more common means of rental cars.

Here are what you need to know relating to the car you use:

For your personal car, you need to have official documents proving ownership of the car.

  • Just in case the person who sold the car to you has not transferred the title to you, you need to carry along a notarized letter from that seller who is the car’s legal owner. The notarized letter would contain express permission for you to take the car to Mexico.
  • For a company car, you should still possess express authorization in writing, to drive the car to Mexico. That authorization should be from the company that is the legal owner of the car.
  • Expect to pay a permit fee at the border, as that will give you authority to have a foreign car in Mexico for the days you ask for. The fee is about $12 and you are expected to pay it using your credit card.
  • You also need to buy insurance for your car, separate from the insurance that covers you in the US. The law demands that you have Mexican auto insurance while driving in Mexico. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from

What you need for yourself

You are advised to carry your birth certificate, which bears an embossed seal, and also a photo that properly identifies you. The photo taken to be reliable is either the one on your driver’s license or that on your passport. It is important to note that the officials at the border no longer take your Voter Registration card as a reliable official document.

If a minor is travelling unaccompanied, or with an adult who is not the parent, the authorities demand to see notarized permission given by the minor’s parents. Such a document is also demanded, written by the absent parent, if the minor is crossing the border with only one of its parents.

Mandatory border procedures

You need to carry proof that you have been duly processed at the border to avoid any trouble with the law once inside Mexico.

Basically, expect to complete a standard form where you fill in your name and sex; marital status and occupation; place of birth and home address; your target destination in Mexico; and even your mode of transport. After completing this form and having your official identification checked, the form will be stamped and you will be allowed to proceed to pay for your car import permit. You will then get a sticker on your window to show compliance. Sometimes you may not receive your permit right there but at some other point just around. The important thing is to have all your documentation duly processed before you leave the Free Trade Area, otherwise your trip could be cut short and you are sent right back.



Possible inconveniences on the road

 You need to drive carefully just as you do elsewhere, but with a little more caution because some things you find in Mexico are not found in most parts of the US. Some of them are:

  •   Rocks in a pile put in the middle of the highway

Sometimes, that is a truck driver’s way of telling other motorists that his truck is broken down and stuck right ahead. So, do not swerve and fly ahead; slow down and look out.

  • Misuse of the highway

In some remote areas, the locals think they have as much right of way on the highway as the motorists; so they walk in droves right in the middle of it. If it is night time, some might be drunk. Also some locals have no qualms herding their cattle on the highway. So, it is important to play safe and drive cautiously.

With these basics, there is plenty to enjoy along the way to your destination, including beautiful views of the snowcapped mountains. Of course, if there is some inevitable mishap, you can always bank on your Mexican auto insurance from to come to your rescue.

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Carmina Trammell

Though I usually take a plane while traveling to Puerto Vallarta from my home in British Columbia, for dolphin swimming expeditions I always have an advance arrangement for my RV in Mexico and buy my Mexican insurance online for the same.

Beatris Levesque

The advantage of being in Mexico on July 4th is that you can easily hook up and get many American friends down there than you can do in US. Rocky Point is one such place I easily find many new friends from America. Get yourself insured with Mexico insurance online. Not at the border.

Elden Rocha

Whether you have full Mexico insurance or advanced communication gadgets, you shouldn’t throw caution to the wind. Watch for abnormal incidences and keep safe.

Gabriele Bustos

Before your last preparation for a Mexico road travel, it’s important to review the road rules. The guidelines will be helpful in your driving, especially at night where dangers are most prevalent.

Anamaria Petrie

It’s possible to encounter unofficial roadblocks when driving with friends. Beware of main roads that are manned by local groups. These people only want money from you and your friends. Do carry all necessary papers especially Mexican insurance for any trouble.

Sarah Farkas

Many tourists really love watching sea tides while taking a walk on the beach. San Felipe in Mexico is well-known for its amazing tidal changes.

Levi Keathley

Don’t ever try crossing Mexico border without the proper auto insurance.

Malcolm Pettey

Mexican people are warm and friendly. Their hospitality and openness would make you decide to keep coming back to Mexico.

Louis Seymore

If you follow the rules of Mexico driving, you can have safer travel. Safe driving and safe traveling are important to avoid getting into trouble.

Verline Conners

Planning ahead of time is always an excellent idea. Also, comparing quotes from different Mexican auto insurance companies is a good idea.

Jacqueline Mcclaine

There are not enough policy options to review at the border. What you will get is a sub-standard insurance for Mexico policy that is more expensive than necessary.

Chanda Voss

Any good GPS System has the ability to track the car so it’s quick and effortless to find your destination in Mexico.


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