Head to the Todos Santos Music Festival with Mexican insurance for tourists

January 20, 2016
Linden Gray
Mexican insurance for tourists

Todos Santos music festival

Head to the Todos Santos Music Festival with Mexican insurance for tourists

One benefit of driving south at the right time is more and more American musicians are performing inside Mexico. The 5th annual Todos Santos Music Festival, spanning two weekends from Jan. 14-16 and 20-23, features major acts like Death Cab for Cutie and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, special guests, and talented local artists. Hosted at the legendary Hotel California, the finale takes place at the main plaza in downtown Todos Santos.

Before taking off with your buddies, remember to buy Mexican insurance for tourists so you are legal while driving in Mexico. If you forget, use your iPhone or a tablet to secure Mexico auto insurance before crossing the border.

What’s in Todos Santos?

If you haven’t been, Todos Santos is one of those fun pockets inside Mexico that’s authentic and hasn’t been overrun by commercialism but isn’t super crowded. The area is a popular location for festivals, but the city itself is a popular attraction as well. Think of Indio, where the Coachella music festival is held every year, but if Indio was a cool place to visit when bands aren’t in town.

Hit up the Playa Los Cerritos beach for all-around fun (Surfing, swimming, or relaxing on the beach), or if you want an adventure, take the beaten path to the secluded Palm Beach and enjoy relaxing in the sun. Are you an animal lover? Check out the Tortugueros Las Playitas Sea Turtle Conservation Project.

There’s an Art Festival coming up in February, and Cabo San Lucas is just an hour away.

Describe the festival

Founded by R.E.M. lead guitarist Peter Buck, the Todos Santos Music Festival is a surreal experience. An intimate affair, the festival draws small passionate crowds enthusiastically cheering some of America and Mexico’s finest rock acts. As the Austin Chronicle notes, the festival draws the attention (and the tapestry) of the local Todos Santos community. It’s a party for ex-pats and locals alike. (All the proceeds go to the Palapa Society, a local community service non-profit organization)

Get there with Mexican insurance for tourists

The fastest route to Todos Santos requires using the Mexico 1D toll road, so buy Mexico auto insurance  if you want to legally use the toll roads. Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for tourists is now required, so pick up Mexico auto insurance ahead of time!

Mexican insurance for tourists from Mex Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

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Riley Gibney

Sadly, many Canadian and US tourists put off buying Mexico insurance. It’s because they don’t know exactly why car insurance is badly needed.

Estelle Shell

Prior to paying your chosen Mexico insurance, don’t forget to ask for the company’s valid license as well as their phone numbers. Be aware because scams can happen through online shopping.

Junita Fein

Your Long Beach Mexican insurance is proof that you are capable of shouldering the expenses in case where you are the cause of a vehicular accident.

Linda Capel

If you need some adjustments on your Mexican insurance, you can either: amend by logging in to your account, or buy an additional insurance online.

Lauri Cabiness

Military checkpoints are accomplished for a good reason and also for your own security.
They can also ask for Mexican insurance when doing a checkpoint.

Aron Hummel

You’ll find some services for drivers when driving in thoroughfares. Sort like, using maintenance service stations can allow drivers to enjoy medical care.

Buster Authement

Enjoy the fun with your friend and then ride on a boat. La Paz has a lot to offer to travelers like the world’s aquarium in front of it. Nothing can be more enjoyable and refreshing than staying in the water for hours.

Honey Carboni

Tourism is Mexico’s pillar economy. Great to be there as the country’s main concern is to give people more protection and securities.

Ladawn Lasko

Each month there are tons of activities in San Felipe that may need earlier registration. Contact your car insurance provider for guidelines on those various activities.

Malcom Kingman

In Mexico, the cordiality and kindness you get is real and endearing. It’s easy to adjust and feel their welcoming spirit.

Guadalupe Ogorman

You can expect to pay more when you buy insurance for Mexico at the border. Prices are more expensive but don’t expect a higher quality policy. You are paying extra for the real estate.

Stephaine Baltes

Buying Mexican car insurance is to your advantage. Driving on the road is no joke. It’s dangerous and only car insurance can help.

Gia Easter

Although you only understand some Spanish words, use them often when communicating with the local people—even if you don’t pronounce the words exactly right.


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