How do I cancel my Mexican border Insurance and what is the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

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How do I cancel my Mexican border Insurance and what is the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

Cancellation of a Mexican Border Insurance policy may be needed for a variety of reasons. It’s important to review the following details so that you are aware of the costs related to termination of your coverage.

A Mexican border Insurance policy may be terminated by either party prior to the its expiration date.

It is important to note that if you can not travel for any reason, we 100% GUARANTEE your money back if you notify us by email before the policy begins. Once the policy begins, the minimum premium earned for any Mex Insurance policy is $30.

The premium for cancelled Mexican border Insurance shall be calculated through determination of the authorized daily rate according to the Department of Insurance. The number of effective days of the policy will be multiplied by this daily rate to determine the return premium.

A six-month or one year Mexican border Insurance policy premium is earned in full 20 days after the policy’s effective date. Any six-month or one year Mexico border Insurance policy in effect for 20 days or more can not be refunded.

If cancellation of a policy is requested when a claim is pending or has been paid, there will be no refund as the policy premium has been earned in full.

Any request to cancel your Mexico border Insurance must be provided in writing through email, mail or fax.

Mex Insurance – Disclaimer

The documents for your coverage are issued in the USA by Linden Gray doing business as EPro Insurance. You are working with an authorized California Property and Casualty Agent and Surplus Lines Broker. ACE, MAPFRE, HDI and ING Seguros are duly authorized A rated or better Mexican border insurance companies.

Coverage provided in your policy is governed by the laws of Mexico. The policy only applies in Mexico with no coverage provided in the United States or under its legal system.

A Standard Tourist Policy for Mexico is quite different from Standard U.S. car insurance coverage and is normally more restrictive and limited. A policy selected and bought on this site is dependent on the terms, and limitations provided in policy documentation. It is imperative that you read these documents for specific and exact details related to your coverage. You can print the documents right away after your purchase.

The information about the website is provided only for informational use. Exact terms of the policy contract along with related laws in Mexico prevail over website information.

Should a dispute arise, the policy prevails and shall be used in a legal court in Mexico for resolution of disputes.

The actual Mexican border insurance policy documentation is the record describing what will be paid by the insurer.

Information provided on this website doesn’t create obligations or rights for an insured party, insurer, broker, agent, the State of California or any State in the US.

As a self-service resource for discounted coverage, this site vends self service Mexico border insurance policies designed for United States and Canada tourists with US or Canadian registered vehicles who drive their vehicles in Mexico. Policies are available on a short or long-term basis. You can select daily options or policies up to 1 year. You can also consider monthly policies or six-month coverage.

Continuous coverage for vehicle operation on Mexican soil is dependent on renewal of an existing policy prior to its expiration date. Select the appropriate tab, “Login to My Account”, on the main page to enter your information for renewal. You can also call toll-free at 1-888-800-9988 and we will renew it for you.

In order for you and your vehicle to be covered continuously for driving in Mexico, you will need to re-order a new policy prior to the expiration date of your coverage as it is necessary to issue a new policy with a new policy number each and every year.

The information provided on this website does not serve as a substitution for actual policy documentation.