How To Buy A Mexican Insurance Policy

April 03, 2014
Michael Ryan

Saving Money in Mexican Insurance

Since you need to obtain a Mexican car insurance policy if you intend driving in Mexico, it is important that you are aware of all the required factors prior to purchasing one.  There are important elements of your insurance policy that you should make sure of before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Insurance Company

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you have to submit your claim to the insurance company underwriting your policy, not your broker.  Your broker may be able to offer you assistance, but they do not make the payments for the claim.  This means that you should ensure that the company underwriting your policy is financially stable.

You may be able to obtain a cheaper policy from one of the smaller companies, but the lower cost may put you at risk in the event of a claim.  You should not simply shop around and opt for the cheapest policy.  You should ensure that you are covered for any eventuality and for as much as possible in monetary value.

Insurance Broker

It is necessary for all brokers who sell Mexican car insurance to be licensed.  You should confirm that your broker is licensed and offers you transparency of the policy on offer.  You should have the opportunity to check the full terms and conditions before you are asked to pay for the policy.

There are a few pointers you should look for when you choose a broker.  Your broker should offer you excellent customer support services.  They should offer you easy to use technology which allows you to buy a product seamlessly.  The policy should offer you support services and contact details when you are traveling, along with full details about the insurance cover.

Other Coverage

It is extremely important that your policy offers you experienced adequate legal counsel, personal liability and a bail-bond cover.  If you are involved in a serious accident in Mexico, you will be detained until an assessment is completed regarding the party to blame.  If this process lasts a long time, you do not want to have to spend several days in detention.  If your policy offers you bail-bond, you will be released, pending investigation.

Other Support

Your broker and the underwriting insurance company should offer you assistance while you are in Mexico.  If you experience a problem requiring their help, you should be able to call on someone in Mexico for help.  The company should offer you English speaking customer support assistants who will have the ability to offer you adequate support for your problem.  This type of support is vital if you are involved in a serious accident.

To ensure that you get the most from the policy you purchase, you should ensure that the company that underwrites your Mexican auto insurance policy is a stable company.  Your broker should offer you the best service and support, both in your country of residence and while you are traveling.  You should carry a copy of your policy with you while traveling, with a list of contact numbers readily available.

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Jacquie Savoy

Sort out and be well researched for your holidays in Mexico. Carry on with your journey and be hesitant on border crossing as you can verify your vehicle from Mexican insurance in seconds.

Nakita Crandall

The kind of provider you get depends on the kind of policy you want. Choose a reputable provider and your Mexico insurance policy will be valid.

Rocio Mccall

A company with poor ratings simply means that you are at a risk of not being compensated should the insured risk occur. Don’t ‘risk’ your risks, insure with a Mexico insurance company with sound rating.

Arnita Harley

It is from my own experience of buying a fake paper in the name of Mexican auto insurance cover that made me declare, ‘never again!’. Since then, I have never been disappointed by online auto insurance cover.

Eloy Stitt

Cancun Mexico is such a wonderful place to be in case you desire to have a business conference away from the boredom of your office surroundings.

Tran Belgrave

When you cross Mexico border, you need Mexican insurance. It’s a requirement whether you’re taking a business trip or a trip through your neighbor in south.

Celestina Bost

A glanced at Puerto Vallarta shows the reason why it’s a popular area for fishing sport. Different species are waiting regardless of what time or month of the year you visit the place.

Denis Genovese

If you have chosen Mexico to be your next vacation destination, Mexican Insurance Store is the best source of the right information you need.

Genoveva Parmentier

Purchasing Mexican insurance online is quite easy. No hassles, no headaches! Immediately after buying, you can be at Rocky Point anytime – because you’re covered.

Vickey Leighton

Whether you’ll be in Mexico for a single day or for several months, you can’t go without coverage. There are indeed many possible consequences of driving without coverage.

Carletta Grigsby

This Mexican auto insurance website has the finest financial ability & claims paying ability – one site that you can rely on for this industry.

Duane Tweed

When it comes to beautiful destinations, countless of them are found in Mexico. This is the reason why Mexico is considered the top contender. This country is superb.

Angie Demaio

Have you bought Mexican auto insurance over the internet? If not, it’s the right time to buy online. Prices are much cheaper as opposed to the prices offered at the border.

Linden Gray

Better quality too.


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