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May 18, 2015
Michael Ryan

Mexico is a vast nation and ranks as the 14th largest country out of the world’s 248 countries. It spans over 2,000 miles from tip to tip, with 31 states as varied as those in the U.S., and to put it into proper perspective, it is bigger than the 19 U.S. states – from Texas to Maine. If those states were to be put together, they would be the world’s 15th largest country – right behind Mexico.  Besides the 31 states, the nation has a Federal District just like Washington DC, which is not only several times bigger but also numerous times safer than Washington D.C.

One of The World’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Mexico ranks among the world’s leading vacation destinations. It boasts of more than 20 million foreign visitors each year. Besides, Mexico also continues to be one of the favourite destinations for American tourists with millions of them flocking there every year. According to the statistics, about one million Americans live there.

The country is famed mostly for its beach resorts on the Pacific and Caribbean side, tequila, the Aztecs and the Mayas, Salma Hayek, Lucha libre, Day of the Dead, Corona beer – and the notorious drug wars.

Travel Advisories

Pyramid of the Sun , Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

 The list of what Mexico has to offer the tourist is very long indeed. In recent years, there has been much media coverage on the crime situation in various parts of the country, mainly along its northern border. As such, the U. S. Department of State has been issuing advisories on travel to Mexico. However, this is not necessarily an indication that the whole country is unsafe. So, just like the other millions of vacationers to Mexico, using some common sense while traveling in Mexico – or in any part of the world for that matter – can go a long way in enhancing your security.

 Avoid Ostentatious Display of  Wealth

 When traveling around Mexico, it is advisable to lower your personal profile. Displaying indicators of wealth such as expensive-looking watches, jewelry, phones, or cameras should be avoided. Also, awareness of your surroundings should be always maintained. This is important in order to avoid situations in which you may be isolated or stand out as a potential victim.

 Mexican Auto Insurance Cover

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

 Since Canada and Mexico are U. S. A’s nearest neighbors, they offer Americans the chance to visit by car. However, before you go, you will need to ensure that you understand the fundamentals for driving in the two countries. It is much easier for Americans to drive in Canada since your car insurance will generally cover you in the northern part of the border. Your U.S. auto insurance can be used provided you are just visiting Canada.

When it comes to Mexico, the case is absolutely different. U.S. automobile liability insurance is not recognized by the state, as well as most collision and comprehensive coverage issued by U.S. companies. There are several auto insurance companies that either offer a Mexico travel add-on or apply it automatically in Border States such as Arizona and Texas. Unfortunately, it does not meet Mexican liability requirements because it only provides limited coverage within 25 to 75 miles of the border. If you plan to drive to Mexico, it is crucial to ensure that you have Mexican insurance cover to avoid unnecessary trouble. You can visit this link to purchase your Mexican auto insurance.

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Erline Connolly

There are places to buy Mexican insurance for Rocky Point. The most common is the border where you stop and personally buy your car insurance. However, nothing is better than buying Mexico insurance online. Its more reliable and its less expensive.

Haywood Nesbitt

This website takes a few minutes to give you a quote for Mexican insurance. Purchasing process is hassle-free! It’s convenient to buy your policy from home or office and it’s as quick as possible.

Queen Baca

There are some misconceptions about the importance of Mexican insurance. Many people think that having no insurance will allow them to pay $20.00 fine to a policeman, then they continue driving. This is not always the case. Don’t put yourself in a difficult situation because you ignore car insurance for Mexico.

Dimple Negrete

Even if only few hours are spent in Mexico, you have to get covered at least for a one-day policy. There are lots of losses and accidents that happen daily in Mexico.

Mickie Ritter

Mexican auto insurance and the existing law are the same in Mexico. If you doubt about this insurance, you can ask for online assistance.

Quiana Aviles

Even a simple pocketknife can be a ground for possession of a deadly weapon. So leave your knives at home but bring your Mexican insurance.

Hiroko Crisp

It requires a check up with your Mexico insurance provider if you bring your off-road car. You may be asked to get additional liability or or configure it differently for this.

Margeret Bethea

Ask your insurance provider to explain the policy sections not clear to you. It’s worth paying the company if you fully understand your policy.

Clementina Eddington

Mexico is colourful and adorably wonderful. It’s more than an unforgettable experience dealing with Mexicans and being offered with all the best things they can give you.

Ellsworth Messana

Despite what newspaper reports tell, Mexico City is still a secured vacation destination. That’s the reason why more and more tourists never miss having their tour in the city.

Lane Oneil

When purchasing Mexico car insurance, consider only the coverage you need. Based on your priorities, coverage must be applicable to your travel needs.

Elwood Olivarez

Feeling well is important before traveling starts. Reserve your energy for a long trip. Be kind to yourself.


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