Inspect Your Vehicle For Your Mexican Trip

March 28, 2014
Michael Ryan

You have finally made the decision to go on vacation to Mexico and you are really excited.  What is your next step?  You should ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and you have a suitable Mexican auto insurance policy.

Checking your Vehicles

If this is your first trip to Mexico, you may not be aware that you require Mexican car insurance to travel on the roads in the country.  If you own a vehicle, you more than likely have U.S. or Canadian auto insurance already.  This policy may even offer you coverage while you are traveling in Mexico.  However, chances are that it does not fully cover you.

The law in Mexico is quite clear and rigid about the requirements for insurance.  If you are involved in a vehicle accident in Mexico, you have to prove that you have sufficient insurance coverage.  If you do not have adequate coverage, you could be locked up until you have settled all the costs for the damage you have caused.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you head off on your trip, you should make sure that your vehicle is in good shape mechanically.  If you have your car serviced on a regular basis, it is probably in good condition.  If you do not bother with regular services, you should at least check your oil levels and top up if necessary.

You should check your brakes, radiator and belts.  Your normal mechanic will be able to provide you with details as to the condition of your car.  Discuss your trip with him or her and take note of their recommendations.  You should repair any serious issues before you start your trip.  Your Mexican car insurance policy will normally offer you roadside assistance, but if you need spares, you may experience a problem in certain areas.

Make sure that you check the condition of your tires.  Do not assume that because you still have a bit of tread on the tires it will be fine for your trip.  It is better to make the trip on a good set of tires than something that could wear through at any moment.  You may be traveling long distances while you are in Mexico.

Final Checks

The day before your trip, you should check the oil, water and brake fluid levels on your car.  You may want to carry extra fluids with you in case you need it while traveling.  You will be able to top up your vehicle’s water level when you make fuel stops, but you should carry some with you in case your vehicle starts overheating.

Apart from checking that your vehicle is ready for the trip, you should ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance.  It is best for you to buy a policy before you leave your country of residence.  You have the option of buying this type of insurance policy at the border, but it will cost you much more than buying it online from such outfits as

Make sure that you have sufficient cover for any event you may experience while traveling.  It does not require much time to find the best policy.

Mexican Insurance Coverage by comes with Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico at no additional charge.

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Akiko Poirier

Quality over quantity is the motto for every hotel and resort in Mexico as they provide accommodation at a very reasonable rate it is better to get Mexican auto insurance for car theft which might occur on unknown streets.

Blair Salinas

The Temple of La Santa Cruz is a great symbol of reminiscent times. Its great significance rests in its central place in the history of colonization of the city of Queretaro.

Rosalina Brent

I always like buying my Mexican insurance coverage online since this grants me the opportunity to undertake all these three steps within the comfort and convenience of my couch.Then no lines.

Doretta Ellingsworth

Seeing Mexico is once-in-a-lifetime experience and you need to make the most of it. But prior to this, you need Mexican auto insurance and permit to access the country.

Dodie Pernice

If you haven’t found any car insurance online, you might want to try Mexican Insurance Store. You’ll feel you’re in good hands with the kind of customer support they give to people.

Ria Schlegel

Short trips to Rocky Point even several times a year require you to have a long-term Mexico vehicle insurance coverage.

Araceli Grays

Apparently, it’s a lot cheaper buying a yearly or semi-annually policy in contrast with buying many short-term Mexican insurance policies.

Deon Klann

Mexico is the top choice of Canadians and Americans and other neighboring countries. Those who have cars can always make a quick trip to Mexico. Just a reminder, though, Mexican insurance is a requirement.

Linden Gray

You need to protect yourself with at minimum, a liability policy.

Georgianna Gervasi

Never wait for your engine to be stopped by the summer’s heat. There are basic ways to make sure your engine stays cool the entire summer season.

Francene Lebron

The secret to a successful trip to Mexico is to ensure your car is in good running condition. It should be able to handle heat, traffic, and coarse roads.

Sherika Nodine

I agree that car maintenance can intensely improve one’s driving even in bad weather. Additionally, driving with Mexican car insurance makes it even more secure.

Darius Melson

Drivers are obliged to meet Mexico law requirements by purchasing Mexico auto insurance to drive lawfully.

Jonelle Behne

My car is new but I happened to forget to purchase Mexico insurance. There are policies being sold at the entry of Mexico. They just cost more, that’s all.

Linden Gray

You can still buy insurance for Mexico on your phone, so you can still save money.


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