Is Mexican Car Insurance Necessary?

May 08, 2017
Michael Ryan

Mexican InsuranceWhether you are an American or Canadian citizen preparing to drive on vacation or business for any duration in Mexico, it is advisable for you to purchase short-term Mexican car insurance. But you may ask: Is Mexican car insurance necessary? Definitely, it is.

Here is why.

There is a relationship between U.S.A. and Canada that recognizes the car insurance policies of one another. But since such relationship does not exist between Mexico and the two countries, Mexico does not recognize both countries’ car insurance policies. That is why you will need a separate auto insurance policy recognized by the Mexican government for you to drive your vehicle in Mexico.

Consequences of Driving Without Proper Insurance Cover in Mexico

You may understand that driving in Mexico without proper Mexican car insurance coverage is illegal (this depends on your source of information). However, other people may argue that it is totally unnecessary. Well, the truth is actually in the middle.

The Mexican law is similar to the U.S. law in that it simply requires anyone driving in the country to have the financial resources to be able to pay for any damages caused by an accident. Those resources can come from either a car insurance policy or a very fat bank account.

An auto accident in Mexico is considered as a Criminal and Civil matter. According to the Mexican law, if a driver has no proof of ability to pay damages either with a valid Mexican car insurance policy or in cash at that time of an accident, he/she may be straightaway jailed and the vehicle could be impounded – perhaps both will happen.

And for your information, carrying with you lots of cash will not help either because just like in the U.S., car repairs in Mexico can cost you an arm and a leg – running into tens of thousands of dollars.

Buying Coverage at the Mexican Border

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Because most U.S. and Canadian citizens are not aware that they need a separate insurance policy before they cross the Mexican border, several enterprising folks have opened offices along the border where insurance is readily obtainable. But here, you need to be aware of some important things.

To begin with, you will not get the best rates since these car insurance carriers are aware that the moment you step into their office, you are stuck. It can cost you twice or even three times the price of shopping online. That is why you should shop around before you set on your trip for the best price on Mexican coverage.

The second thing is that unless you speak Spanish, you will not be able to tell whether you purchased a valid car insurance policy or just a useless piece of paper. The documents issued at the border are mostly written in Spanish.

Purchasing Coverage Beforehand

Purchasing your Mexican policy ahead of time is virtually as easy as buying your usual liability policy. When it comes to liability and the coverage required, Mexican laws are very straightforward.  You can easily do a simple internet search using the right terms, and this will produce a number of insurance providers who can actually write a policy for your Mexican visit. The best thing to do is to shop around and compare rates in order to get the best deal. You can get some of the best prices at

After purchasing your Mexican car insurance online, you should ensure that you are furnished with all the proper documents in English and Spanish in good time.

Before you leave home, you need to confirm that the car insurance company that has provided you with the policy is recognized by the Mexican government so that you can keep on the right side of the Mexican law.

Don’t Take the Risk!

Even if you plan just one day across the border and you are ready to take a risk, it is still a bad idea. Don’t take the risk. You could be a very safe driver who has never been in an accident once, but remember there is always the first time! The fact that Mexican drivers don’t essentially stick to the same traffic rules as Americans makes matters even worse.

Anytime you are driving in a foreign environment, you increase the chances of an accident. This is a reality for any country you might be driving in – including Mexico.  You need to ask yourself whether, with a real possibility of a jail time it is worth the risk. As a matter of fact, the Mexican insurance policies are both very affordable and easy to purchase, so there is no good reason for you to drive in Mexico without purchasing one.

So Is Mexican Car Insurance Necessary? Yes, very much so.

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Norine Fonseca

Not only when you go to Mexico that you should keep your health good. You must be physically fit and healthy all the time to enjoy every moment in Mexico.

Kraig Sedor

If you want to save more money, go to Mexico and find open air markets. There are tons of great products you can buy at affordable cheaper prices.

Simonne Mercure

Be smart! Avoid driving recklessly and drive during the day only. Driving at night is more prone to accident and can ruin your vacation in Rocky Point.

Lavone Clarke

Knowing about Mexico City is a wonderful way to encounter the great city. You only need Mexican insurance to prepare things then you’re up in Mexico.

Gwyn Kovacich

Tijuana, Baja Peninsula, and Ensenada are just few of the great places to go from Long Beach to the border.

Monserrate Coke

Participation in a car wreck in Mexico can be a legal issue with their Napoleonic law principles and this is where Mexican insurance comes in handy.

Bobette Bourget

If trouble hits you on the road, remember not to leave kids or pets alone inside the vehicle. Mexico insurance provides online help!

Brian Fortman

We’re thinking of travelling in Mexico for the holiday season and we believe this site is reliable enough to inform us about the Christmas traditions we can experience.

Dalia Jara

There’s always commercial traffic in big highways, especially in the evening. Be cautious of big trucks and vehicles. Driving with Mexico insurance for cars is a must.

Linden Gray

Look out for cattle or horses too. Mexican Insurance Store companies pay many, many livestock claims each year. Makes State Farm look like amateurs.

Kelsi Seefeldt

Still wondering why many travelers ask if they should buy Mexican insurance before driving! The answer remains yes and it should be taken seriously.

Mamie Humphrey

Government law in Mexico requires drivers to get quality Mexican insurance. Ignoring such requirement would mean going against their law.

Mickie Cardella

It is necessary to have our auto insured with Mexican insurance. No one can say the time we need it most, especially when we need claims.

Valery Olenick

What is mandatory in Mexican law is to have a valid Mexican insurance policy. It’s your protection while driving and while away from home.

Felicidad Sells

It’s worth it! Remember this: at the very minimum, you have to get yourself liability coverage in order to comply with the Mexican law.

Delmy Rich

Driving to Mexico without Mexican car insurance is trouble and you put yourself at risk.

Arlie Nau

Whether it’s a long or short-term coverage, you’ve got to have Mexican car insurance. Only then can you drive freely and lawfully in Mexico.

Adela Derry

Car insurance is not about protecting your car when you encountered accident. Instead, it’s about protecting you – from possible financial difficulties.

Jamee Echavarria

Mexican car insurance, toll fees, toll cards—keep this stuff within quick reach when inside the car.

Caitlin Ostlund

Well-equipped car and good driving skills cannot guarantee trouble-free traveling in Mexico, especially off-road driving. Oftentimes, it’s hard to reach the place with certainty.

Tawnya Willett

Mexico is obviously the top choice people want when they plan to take cooking classes.


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