Mexican Auto Insurance and Rental Cars

September 28, 2013
Michael Ryan

In a moment of excitement, you may decide to take an impromptu trip across the border. If you will be driving someone else’s car, you need to be sure that you are protected with a Mexican vehicle insurance policy. Although there may be a policy on the vehicle for Mexico driving, you may not be covered by that policy. If you aren’t, you will appreciate the fact that Mexican insurance from Mex Insurance includes an unlimited number of drivers in its provisions. The drivers must be at least 21 years old and have valid licenses. It’s also important they are listed on the policy for a vehicle.

The US Border with Mexico

Proof of permission

Although you might think that verbal permission is sufficient, you need to consider what you could face if you are in an accident and lack written proof. Napoleonic law in Mexico operates on a presumption of guilt. In other words, you have to prove your innocence. If you are considered to be responsible for an incident, then you could be treated as guilty from the start. Your lack of written permission could lead to legal entanglements. It’s wise to be well-prepared for the possibility of a wreck, carrying some form of written authorization from the owner of the vehicle. It’s also wise to choose your Mexican auto insurance at Mex Insurance Store because legal assistance is included with your policy. Your Mexican insurance policy enables you to have bail bond coverage along with bilingual representation during any proceedings that result.

Don’t forget to Purchase Your Mexico Insurance Policy!

One of the most common instances of driving someone else’s car in Mexico is that of taking US rental vehicles over the border. It’s important to be sure that you are working with an agency that allows for its vehicles to go into Mexico. A Mexican auto insurance  is still a priority because you need to have coverage to legally drive in the country.

If you rent a vehicle in Mexico, a Mexican insurance won’t benefit you. The policies are intended strictly for foreign vehicles traveling into the country, and Mexican-plated cars are exempt from eligibility for the products. It’s important to verify with your Mexican rental agency what kind of liability protection, if any, is provided.

Mexican auto insurance at Mex Insurance Store is necessary when driving a rental car in Mexico!

Mexican auto insurance at Mex Insurance Store

Monterrey Mexico


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Kandace Block

You can easily get a rental from Mexican border yet if you’re getting from place nearby your home you must have all the legal papers especially Mexican auto insurance for your protection.

Jesica Brittain

Holiday vacations for a large number of people are easy although you need to get a great insurance plane for it. Mexico insurance allows you to benefit from their royalty deals and special discounts on a occasion like this.

Leigha Lewandowski

While finding and choosing the right rental for your travel to Mexico, people do at times forget to buy Mexican auto insurance. It should be bought before hitting the road.

Jeannie Nicolas

You can get insured online because there are tons of websites for Mexican insurance. This way, you get quick quotes from different providers. You also can make comparisons on the price and coverage.

Sharlene Davy

Passing through the border to and fro requires drivers to show passport, Mexico insurance and other identification papers. All these can make the access almost painlessly.

Latasha Dumas

Before you make plans to travel, check the effectivity date of your insurance. You cannot make claims once the insurance has expired.

Elenor Germann

There will always be potential risks when traveling on the road with your vehicle. Mexican insurance for Tucson helps you during these kinds of situation.

Mildred Raymer

Mexican’s observe Dia de los Muertos in fall, where they remember their dead. A busy day in the streets, so secure Mexico insurance with strong liability.

Minerva Marvel

Mexico requires tourists to have a Mexico insurance coverage so better get one online to avoid any legal complications when faced with road accidents.

Claretta Gelb

The warm weather in the majority parts of Mexico means tons of activities are done outdoors, especially during holidays.

Stefan Carrillo

Prior to driving, nothing can be more important than to be prepared. Mexico insurance for cars can be counted on during an emergency.

Avis Cumberbatch

Traveling to Mexico is simplified by having Mexican car insurance. Getting it is as easy as a few mouse clicks. Then your policy is ready.

Edna Pinnell

Unless you have a US policy that covers Mexico trip, your trip in Mexico will be invalid. You need appropriate Mexican auto insurance to drive without hassles.


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