Mexican Auto Insurance and Road Advice

October 04, 2013
Michael Ryan

Travel to Mexico

Getting ready for a vacation in Mexico is fun, and there are lots of great sites and experiences ahead in your travels. However, it’s important to stop and consider the serious side of foreign travel as you prepare to leave. Crossing the border places you in a unique environment with a different legal system than you are used to in the U.S. or Canada. Getting your Mexican insurance policy is part of your responsibility in observing Mexican requirements for foreign motorists. In addition to buying Mexican vehicle insurance, you need to be prepared to observe the rules of the road in Mexico.

Don’t Forget to Buy Mexican  Insurance Policy

Realistically, responsible driving behaviors are similar in Mexico. Distracted driving, reckless driving and intoxicated driving can all lead to serious accidents. If you are involved in these types of driving, you can expect to face serious consequences, especially if you cause an accident. Presumption of guilt can make the situation challenging. You have the burden of proving your innocence, and this will be especially difficult if you are shown to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. In most cases, you will receive legal help through the provider of your Mexican vehicle  insurance from. However, no such protection is likely in an event triggered by your inebriation. In fact, your policy will be deemed null and void if you were intoxicated at the time of your accident.

Understanding Road Signs

It’s easy to claim ignorance as you drive. However, a responsible driver should become familiar with some of the basics for Mexico. Your Mexican auto insurance at is written in English and Spanish. Road signs are displayed in Spanish. You will need to know some basic vocabulary related to road travel, and you will need to adjust to viewing speeds and distances in kilometers. Fortunately, many of the signs are easily deciphered. For example, velocidad means velocity or speed. However, a velocity of 50 represents 50 kilometers per hour, just a little more than 30 miles per hour. As you research Mexico insurance , take time to learn about the conversions so that you can drive safely during your travels. With the right Mexican auto insurance , you can drive around Mexico with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered. You may click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy.

Mexican vehicle insurance is required when driving in Mexico!

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Audrea Starks

I came to note that it is far easier to do research online to find the best rate for Mexican insurance for San Marcos than to visit various insurance agents’ offices or to even call to find out their rates.

Ching Hood

The best way to enjoy your holiday is to have your mind free from anxiety. The anxiety that you are likely going to be arrested due to lack of insurance in Mexico is enough to increase your risk of causing accident. Be safe, insure your car!

Maurita Levy

I was once in a precarious position when my car broke down in a foreign land. From thereon I realized the importance of Roadside Assistance. It saves you the heartache of hopelessly looking for help.

Nelly Blankenship

Getting the best online Mexican insurance provider is easy. All you need to do is to check the insurer’s ratings from credible rating agencies such as Standards and Poor, consumer bureaus and independent reviewers.

Laquita Cavanaugh

Mexico roads have modern highways and projects in-progress. Driving can become an unexpected journey. Frequently, roads are not properly lit and are dangerous in the evening. So have your Mexican insurance available all the times.

Terrie Tidwell

To prevent accidents in Mexico roads, you have to take some driving precautions: have enough pesos, fill up with gas and, of course, buy your Mexico insurance.

Hester Ferra

Mexico requires all drivers to get their cars insured. For quality options, the best advice is to browse through Mexico insurance online.

Jeanett Siggers

As long as car insurance is affordable it’s worth choosing long-term Mexico insurance. It’s important if you often travel in this big city.

Angelica Curfman

If you have an existing US car insurance policy, this one isn’t valid if you’re in Mexico. It shows that you’re forced to insure your car before entering Mexico.

Chelsey Erhardt

Most of the express and toll roads are actually in good condition and they can be traveled at a good speed.

Dortha Coletti

Mexico tourist locations are fairly safe and there’s no point of putting you in worries except when you dare drive without Mexican insurance.

Lacy Lindley

It’s good to include towing in your Mexican auto insurance coverage. Your insurance company can assist you well in adding it for addition protection.

Evangelina Thrasher

Reviewing your Mexico insurance policy every now and then ensures you really know it. You’re conscious ahead of time if your policy is about to expire.

Cordelia Bonhomme

Mexican auto insurance law requires car owners to buy liability insurance from a licensed provider.

Debbi Bacchus

Complete the stuff you need before heading off to Mexico. Portable and light-weight items are best for convenient camping.


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