Mexican Auto Insurance Policy Review

May 09, 2014
Michael Ryan

Many people choose to buy a longer term Mexican auto insurance as it often costs less.  If you are in this situation, it is important that you review your policy on a regular basis.  This will allow you to re-assess your needs and determine if your policy is still suitable for your circumstances.

You may hold a policy that is valid for a period of three to six months, but you should consider potential changes to Mexican law which may affect it.  You need to have Mexican car insurance and your Canadian or U.S. insurance policy is not valid in Mexico.  The Mexican authorities will assume you are guilty if you are involved in a serious car accident, until they can prove that you are innocent of wrongdoing.  This makes it critical for you to have a valid and suitable insurance policy that will cover all your needs.

Death Benefits

The Mexican legal system changed recently when they increased death benefits for Mexican citizens seven-fold.  This new law created many challenges for insurance providers and insurance buyers.  You should bear in mind that travel in a foreign country is governed by the rules and regulations of that country.

If you purchased your long term policy a while ago, you should review it.  There may have been regulatory changes during the period since your last visit to Mexico.  This may change your needs completely and by reviewing your policy, you will be able to amend it accordingly.  You should check on the different death benefit levels required in the different states.  Ensure that you have sufficient cover for the states you intend visiting.

If you purchased insurance for specific regions, you should review your policy if you are going to visit different areas.  An example of this is if your initial insurance purchase was to cover a trip to Baja Norte.  If you intend traveling further south to Baja del Sur, you may need to increase your coverage as the death benefits in the southern area is at least double that of the northern region.

Your insurance broker should be able to provide you with the details regarding the area you intend visiting.  You can also go online and check to compare your requirements with the different providers. You can click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy online.


Aside from the regulatory changes that affect your insurance coverage, you should be aware of other regulatory amendments.  Mexico has increased its sales tax, particularly in the northern regions.  Many of the areas in the north will be experiencing a five percent increase to 16%.

Although your costs for your Mexican auto insurance may not be affected by this increase, your overall cost for your trip may be affected.  This may limit the level of shopping you can do while you are on vacation.

Mexican car insurance is a legal requirement for all visitors to Mexico who intend driving in the country.  Your existing policy in your country of residence will not cover you for travel in Mexico.  Even if your current home policy offers you cover, it will more than likely not be adequate in Mexico.

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Minta Saravia

Technological boom itself has made everyone’s life easier such as applying for Mexican auto insurance on the go. No worries if you didn’t get time to print out the documents you can easily verify your vehicle electronically.

Darius Melson

Before crossing Mexican border it is important to get yourself insured from Mexican insurance store for a quiet and peaceful journey as their policy saves you time and trouble from border officials.

Sena Son

It is essential to get Mexican insurance for residents in San Diego, by purchasing they get the clear access from border to border and saves them time.

Lisbeth Leonhardt

Indeed it is essential to carry enough money that will be needed for your trip and stay at Mexico or else have enough credit limits, keep yourself updated to Mexican auto insurance in case you run yourself out with it.

Mariana Axelson

Check your fuel tank if it needs filling while looking for accommodations, this way you can also buy beautiful hand crafted gifts at shops nearby.

Joesph Salley

Get some research on car insurance companies as it is a requirement for every traveler. Mexican Insurance Store offers authentic policies and guarantees.

Leana Dunne

The atmosphere in Mexico is conducive for riding especially during summer in the upcountry sides. You get to enjoy cool sunny breeze. However, don’t go overdrive. Just in case, ensure that you have Mexican auto insurance.

Elfriede Rock

Searching for your insurance cover online is the best option for your Mexican insurance policy as it not only faster but it also avails you an opportunity to compare various covers at the click of a button.

Herta Bravo

Accepting liability without your insurer’s consent may lead your insurance to decline compensating you. Do not accept liability unless and until your insurer accepts it. Being in Mexico is no exception.

Nyla Manuel

Just tweet when you need to know more about where to get Mexican auto insurance online and you will get tons of clues about the best Mexican insurance site to take your cover from. You would hardly miss Mexican Insurance Store in the tweets.

Kacey Billings

Taking the bare minimum or liability-only Mexican auto insurance helps you keep of accident liability. But, as a first-time visitor who doesn’t know Mexico well, Roadside Assistance, Medical Assistance and Legal Assistance become important parts of your insurance policy considerations.

Glory Teeple

Once you have available options, you then have the chance to analyze your selections and get your final pick of Mexican Insurance Store.

Christopher Rubin

Thanks I have my Mexican insurance. I need this while traveling. It’s definitely my protection if there are unexpected damages incurred to a third party.

Gertrudis Trejo

Around 10 minutes of buying Mexican auto insurance online could already save thousands of dollars on your end. Don’t buy from the border because policies are not of good quality.


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