Mexican Auto Insurance Repair Locations

March 26, 2014
Michael Ryan

The insurance company you buy your policy from is extremely important.  You should obtain insurance from a licensed provider who is linked to one of the larger Mexican auto insurance firms.  This will ensure that, should you be involved in an accident while in Mexico, you will be able to get the repairs done fairly quickly by a reputable repair company.

You should bear in mind that if you purchase a liability only policy, you will not be covered for repairs to your vehicle.  The policy will only cover costs related to damages suffered by the other party.  This makes it vital that you consider buying a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure that you have sufficient coverage for any eventuality.  Full coverage allows for costs related to the damage you suffer, as well as the damage suffered by others.

Repair Location

You will have the option to have your vehicle repairs in Mexico or at your home location if you purchase from  If it is not possible for you to drive or tow your vehicle home due to the damage, you may have to opt for it to be repaired in Mexico.  You may have other options available, but you will have to discuss those with your claims representative.

If the vehicle is in a roadworthy state, you can drive it home and have it repaired in the U.S. or Canada.  You should be aware that car repairs are expensive and you will be liable for the cost of the deductible.

Replacement Vehicle

In the event that your vehicle is totaled, you will not have to worry about repairs.  If you opted for liability only insurance, you will be faced with a major problem.  You will be left with the cost of having to replace your vehicle.  If you opt for a comprehensive policy, you will have the benefit of having your car replaced.  This makes it important to place an accurate value on your vehicle when you obtain a comprehensive policy.

If you try to save money by using a lower vehicle value, you will lose the benefit of getting a proper replacement vehicle after an accident.  You can find the most accurate valuation of your vehicle by consulting the Kelley Blue Book.


As Mexican car insurance is a legal obligation in Mexico, you should ensure that you have it before you travel into the country.  It is quite easy to find online providers of this type of insurance, even though there are many differences between the policies provided by different agencies.  A quick online search will result in a list of providers.  Once you have made a suitable comparison of the available policies, you can quickly and easily obtain a quote by clicking here.

It is important that you consider the consequences of being involved in an accident in a foreign country.  Although Mexican auto insurance liability only policies will be your cheapest option, it is not always the best option.  If you are involved in an accident, you will be responsible for the damages to your vehicle.  It is for this reason that many buyers prefer to buy a comprehensive full coverage policy as it offers them peace of mind.  Knowing that all the damage to your vehicle and that of the other party will be covered will allow you to enjoy your vacation.

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Hong Batista

I would definitely trust my car being fixed by those who understand it better. However, travelling to Mexico means that my auto cover becomes invalid while there. But, luckily I discovered that Mexico Insurance Store allows me to repair my car in a US garage and reimburse me for the repair costs.

Lucilla Vick

Mexico auto insurance cover is so cheap that you need not risk exposing yourself to huge financial liability in case of an accident. To make it even cheaper, get it online

Racquel Crowder

It is important to ascertain the reputation of the insurance service provider since the validity of your insurance depends on that reputation.

Samara Ory

Travel during daytime. Obviously, it’s safer and more convenient. On the other hand, all pains and irritation happen during night driving. This is something to avoid as much as possible.

Cristin Krok

Culinary has never been this so exciting, especially when trying to learn Mexican foods. Hot and spicy foods? Oh yeah, they’re genuinely super hot.

Joeann Roddy

Mexico insurance provides road assistance during emergencies. It also deals with potential accident scenarios that are unavoidable during foggy mornings.

Otelia Amundsen

Even if you purchase Mexico insurance online, you’ll still receive a printout of your coverage details via electronic transmission.

Celestina Mckernan

Cuisine in Mexico is amazing and wide-ranging. They got better tastes of Mezcal, Tequila, and Pulque. Anyone will really crave for these.

Dalila Luis

Nobody owns the roads in Mexico, even to the most skilled drivers. So always maintain the right speed limit and keep Mexican insurance wherever you go.

Jeri Fannon

Overheating of the car can cause serious problems causing delay on your driving. In times like this, contacting your Mexican insurance company will be a big help.

Meghan Gifford

While driving to Zacatecas is very easy, it’s still important to bring your necessary tools in travelling. And of course, don’t drive without Mexican insurance.

Muriel Croley

Finding a good house to rest is a part of your travel plan. Take time to make a research online. Cheap accommodations are all around Mexico.

Isaura Nakashima

A car accident is not intentional but possible to happen at any time. It’s depressing. This is where Mexican car insurance becomes the most dependable.

Debbie Swartout

While Mexico car insurance providers differ from each other, you’re guaranteed to get great services after picking the best one.

Gaynelle Alvord

Your Mexico car insurance should be valid when driving to Mexico. Otherwise, you put yourself in extreme trouble if an accident happens and authorities catch you without insurance for Mexico coverage. You are detained until you pay the bill.


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