Beach Destinations In Mexico: Xcalak, Costa Maya

September 19, 2014
Michael Ryan

If you are looking for a holiday where there are few tourists, Mexico has several to offer you.  Some of these may not be as easy to reach and some may be close to the more popular resorts regions, but they are not on the main tourist roads.  This type of holiday allows you to relax and by the time you are ready to leave for home, you will know that you have had a break from the everyday rush of normal life.

As you are probably going to drive to your destination in Mexico, in order to avoid the crowds, you should ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance to protect you.  It is mandatory to obtain Mexican auto insurance if you are going to drive in the country.  Your current U.S. car insurance will be invalid in Mexico.

You should ensure that you have adequate liability coverage for the area you are going to visit.  Your insurance provider should be able to provide you with full details or you can do an online search for the different states.  It is best to obtain your Mexican vehicle insurance online as your choices will be greater.  If you decide to buy a policy at the border post, not only will it cost you more, but you will also not have sufficient time to read through the documents or choose additional cover. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this link.

Costa Maya Beach

Beach at Costa Maya

Costa Maya

Costa Maya can be found on the southern end of the Caribbean Mexican coast.  It has the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve on its northern side and the Xcalak National Reef Park on its southern part.  The Boca Bacalar Chico River separates it from Belize.

The area is becoming an ecological tourist region, with low impact hotels spreading along the coast.

Xcalak is a small, tranquil village, with around 400 people.  The life is extremely relaxed, with most people making a living from fishing.  There is some infrastructure development occurring in the area which will bring it into this century.  However, there are environmental laws which have been implemented to protect this special area from massive tourism.  Most of the development has been done to improve the standard of living for the local inhabitants.


The village can be found within the Xcalak National Reef Park.  This park is there for the protection of the Meso American Reef which can be found along the coast of Costa Maya.  Many people take trips to the southern part of the park to view the beautiful fauna and flora in the area.


Xcalak Aerial View

A popular attraction at the Costa Maya is Banco Chinchorro.  This area is about 35 km into the sea.  There are several wrecks going back to the 16th century which can be viewed here.

The area is also known for the diving opportunities that are available.  Kayaking and snorkeling is one of the favorite pastimes of those visiting this relaxing, beautiful part of Mexico.

To ensure that you enjoy your holiday and nothings interrupts the tranquility you will find in this area, you should ensure that all your paperwork is valid before leaving home.  This includes Mexican car insurance as you do not want a stint in a jail cell to put a dark cloud over the clear days you will enjoy here.

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Ria Mccarter

Hotel bookings, travel bookings and insurance cover are some of the important things you need to do in advance whenever you want to travel to Mexico during peak seasons. Providing Mexico insurance will save you not only on queuing time but also on money.

Dani Valentine

I personally never like buying liability-only cover. I always prefer buying full-coverage Mexican insurance for it has all that I need.

Kemberly Boudreaux

Children like playing on the sandy beaches. It affords them opportunity to exercise and strengthen their feet. Driving them around in a van to explore the scenic beauty is also a good adventure. But, don’t forget that they need to be covered by Mexican insurance policy.

Vickey Onan

Not buying quality Mexico insurance will only cost you money. Likely damages can happen anytime to your car or you will pay fines.

Ernestina Newbern

Mexico offers numerous beach destinations. There are towns that obtained popularity as tourist attractions with superb beaches and resorts.

Lael Hamiton

Pack right for your resort Mexico vacation to enjoy every moment of your trip. Putting on proper clothes is recommended, including wearing sunglasses and keeping the body hydrated.

Latonia Fishman

Speaking of fun that is cheap, try traveling and camping in Mexico. Lots of people prefer this inexpensive accommodation than booking in a costly hotel.


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