Mexico City Visit On A Budget

September 01, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican TravelEvery holiday costs, but you can visit Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, on a budget.  All that is required is that you find out as much as you can about the country and the city and see this vibrant city for much less that you would normally spend.

Best Time to Visit

Mexico City is situated more than 7000 feet above sea level.  It offers visitors a warm climate, with very little change in temperature all year round, although the evenings are normally cooler.  From October to March it is the dry season and during this period air pollution could become a problem.  May to September is when you will experience cloudy skies, with rain being an almost daily occurrence.  The busiest tourist times of year are July and August.


It is not difficult to find comfortable, reasonably priced accommodation in this city.  To find the best accommodation, you should do online comparisons as there are websites that slash their normal rates to fill rooms, particularly at short notice.  Many of the high-end hotels that cater predominantly for business visitors cut their prices over the weekend simply to fill their rooms.

Mexico City Attractions

Unlike most other global cities, the prices you are asked for museum visits and other attractions are cheap.  Many of the attractions offer free admission and the fees that are payable often range from about $1 to $3.

Starting your tour of the city in the downtown area is a good idea.  You can visit the Plaza de la Constitución, which is not only the largest square within the city, but is surrounded by other sights.  The Palacio Nacional is one of these.  It is the seat of the government and was built on the site of Montezuma’s residence.  There are beautiful murals by the artist, Diego Rivera, which you can view inside the palace.

The oldest cathedral in the Americas can be accessed from the plaza.  Construction of the cathedral commenced during 1573 and it was finally completed during 1813.

Pyramid of the Sun , Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

To one side of the cathedral, you can visit the ongoing archaeological dig of the Templo Mayor which is twin pyramids that hold an important place in Aztec religious beliefs.  There is a museum which is attached where you can view relics which have been dug up in the area since the ruins were first discovered during 1978.


If you are going to be driving to Mexico, the first thing you require is Mexican auto insurance.  You should try and obtain this policy before you leave your home country.  It is quite easy to buy Mexican auto insurance online and you have the facility to print the policy in both English and Spanish.  You should not drive on Mexican roads without adequate insurance cover. You can buy your Mexican insurance policy from this link.

Besides obtaining this vital policy and keeping a copy of it with you at all times, you may not want to make use of your vehicle in this busy city.  Mexico City offers visitors buses and trains, and both are cheap to use.  The one problem, however, is that public transport tends to be overcrowded, particularly during rush hours.  This increases the risk of pick-pocketing.  You can make use of taxis, but should only use licensed facilities.

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Angelita Callahan

The best way to ensure that all your auto risks are covered is to buy a full cover. However, you need to go a step further and scrutinize all the provisions of your cover to prove that all your auto risks are covered. More so, don’t overlook the ‘Disclaimer’ section in whichever language it may be phrased.

Elenore Spence

Although Mexico has no many restrictions, you still need to have your paperwork right including a valid photo ID, Passport and Birth Certificates (in case you have underage children) and of course Mexico insurance, if you are driving.

Hermina Cardoza

Mexico City roads are much clearer on Sundays which makes it the most practically ideal day to go out with your family while on tour. You can easily drive to various destinations without being stuck in the jam.

Nickie Lindberg

Roaming by the beach on horses is what my children love. During holiday vacations, we usually drive down South to Ensenada where we book some few horses for the rides along the beaches. With car insurance policy being provided online by Mexican Insurance Store, it is always easy for me to arrange for our family travels.

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Understand that a Canadian-based policy is not acceptable in Mexico. Therefore, buy your Mexico insurance to get a hassle-free driving in Mexico.

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It still rains although it’s winter. You get a toll insurance supplement with Mexican insurance for Canadians that augments your insurance with regards to damages.

Kareen Bridgers

Have patience – long patience on the process. At times, things are slow to work and Mexican insurance seems burdensome.

Loree Toole

Do not assume Mexico is always the best budget for a journey end. It can be and sometimes it can’t be.

Galina Pickens

Get some facts and advice before heading off to Mexico. Mostly, those who drive without Mexico auto insurance have many regrets and the cost of a policy is not expensive.

Jerilyn Haas

Car insurance can be expensive. However, it is a must to buy at least budget-friendly car insurance for Mexico.

Dagmar Marion

In Mexico, it’s easy to handle claims if you have purchased Mexican insurance. Any financial difficulties are settled by the insurance company you trusted.

Parthenia Montero

Going to Mexico provides different events and celebrations. If you haven’t tried Ensenada carnival celebration, dare to try it.

Aubrey Fravel

Mexican Insurance Store offers budget-friendly rates with features easy for online shoppers. You don’t have to pay double or triple, do you?


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