Why Mexico Draws Visitors in Great Numbers

March 04, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

There are some obvious reasons why Mexico attracts so many visitors, like the fact that it has important historical sites, some of which are under UNESCO’s protection. There is also the fact that the country does not place too many restrictions to tourists besides the mandatory insurance to cover third party liability when driving around.

But beyond that, there are some other motivating factors that give the country an upper hand over others in the region and elsewhere. Below are some of those facts:

1. Affordability

The country makes a deliberate effort to bring the cost of travel down. Different players in the hospitality industry work together, coming up with tourist friendly packages. In the center of it all, of course, are the airlines. For example, there are some 2014 offers of less than $800, to fly visitors from the US to Cancun and back, and accommodate them for three nights. That is more than many destinations can boast of.

Then there is always the option of taking a tennis vacation to some Cancun beach with a partner; a historical tour vacation; an adventurous diving trip to the island of Cozumel; or such other customized offers.

Cancun Beach

The Beach and Buildings of Cancun


2. Favorable currency conversion

In terms of local spending, visitors, especially from Canada, do not feel a pinch. This is because the currency conversion is in their favor, a Canadian dollar converting to about 12 Mexican Pesos. To make the local experience even more interesting, there is room to bargain with various vendors for the goods on offer.

3. Free entry to interesting places

The authorities have left some attractions free to view for tourists, like the great Zocalo, a historic public square in Mexico City; the National Palace with pre-colonial history and some national pride as well; and many other places.

  1. Great cuisines
    Mexican Food

    Mexican Food

Mexico is one place where you can eat like home away from home since they offer international dishes like tacos and tamales, but what most visitors cherish is the chance to sample the very wide range of delicious local cuisines that are strictly unique to Mexico.

While the north offers plenty of beef, goat and special Ostrich meals, the south prides itself in local spices that have a Caribbean touch. Then there are the fish dishes that are on offer around the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Coast.



  1. Local original chocolate

It is interesting to be able to taste chocolate the way it was made around 1100 BC, without the modern modifications. Mexico offers this Aztec chocolate and it is a reminder that the country was among the pioneers of chocolate making.

  1. Ease of communication

Although Mexico is fundamentally a Spanish speaking country, English is not alien to many Mexicans. So, it is easy for visitors to get around and have basic communication with the locals even when the visitors do not know a word in Spanish.


  1. Enjoyable weatherMexican Weather

When it comes to the weather, there is no bad day in Mexico. Temperatures range from 24°C – 28°C all year round. So venturing out is never something that calls for strategic planning; visitors can just do it spontaneously without having to worry about impassable roads ahead and other weather related complications.

  1. Festivities

The country has exciting festivities and the cultural experience is just great. The Halloween, for example, is one memorable occasion. Then there is the religious Las Posadas, where residents re-enact the Biblical story of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem and struggling to find shelter until they finally find some humble abode. In Mexico, the place where this couple finds accommodation is set to be the home of the host of the celebration – somber but captivating celebrations, lasting a whole nine days.

In fact, the list here is not exhaustive. There is plenty more that encourages visitors to seek the allowed 180 day stay in the country. For those that are not so sure about what to find, they secure their Mexican car insurance and get a tourist visa for a month or so, but later find themselves seeking extension once they realize how much there is to enjoy in Mexico.

Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance

if you intend driving in Mexico then you need to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance.  It is very easy to get Mexican auto insurance.  One can go online and do research related to the different providers of this type of insurance policy.  You can purchase it online and immediately print a copy of your policy. You may purchase your Mexican car insurance from this MexinsuranceStore.com URL.  It is recommended that you print a copy of the policy in English and Spanish.  This is extremely useful if you happen to be stopped by a traffic police/person who is not fluent in English.

You need to have a valid passport or passport card to travel to Mexico.  It may not be necessary to produce this when you enter the country, but you will need it when you leave the country.  You need a tourist permit if you are to remain in the country for longer than three days.



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Deandrea Templeton

My kids still keep on reminding me of this coming Christmas that we need to go to Mexico. We easily mingled with friendly families there such that we feel it is our second home. Luckily, with online Mexican insurance cover, it is easier for me to insure the vehicles well in advance.

Ethyl Schwab

The panoramic beauty of Mexican landscape is well accentuated in Baja Norte. Going to Rosarito and Ensenada during holiday vacations is one of the best choices you can make. You can even make it better by ensuring that you travel safe by taking Mexican insurance coverage for your car.

Argelia Zavala

While going on adventure safari down there in Mexico, you would appreciate the need for ATVs which you may need to tow by your car or RV. Make sure that you disclose to your Mexico insurance provider about such towing so that your policy can be adjusted accordingly otherwise you may risk not being compensated in case of accident.

Jerrell Prescott

I am so used to purchasing my Mexico insurance online, I find it so cumbersome to imagine otherwise.

Sharen Arce

Under the Mexican law, it’s a must for motorists to buy car insurance, in case of road accident. The only way to show financial responsibility is to use Mexico insurance.

Devin Britton

Rosarito offers the perfect place for people to roam around town. There’s a range of interesting craft works to buy. Always drive with Mexican insurance when heading off to Rosarito.

Lauren Auger

San Felipe is a great destination to go. Sailboats and jet skis are easily launched from sea beaches. Tourists who benefit from these are the ones staying mostly in condos and beachfront hotels.

Verda Sheetz

Have a food taste of tropical Mexico through the different Mexican beverages! Tequila is the top choice and you can see it from the large number of cocktails.

Pilar Jennings

Baja offers the matching combination of beach waves and great places to stay days and nights. Visiting Baja is made easy if you have Mexico insurance.

Georgianna Plasse

You can find great tasting tacos in Nogales, a favorite spot for Tucson residents. It take 1 ½ hours to reach it.

Antonette Willette

To avoid getting into trouble, avoid joining in any dispute about government issues. Just relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation in Mexico.

Elmo Lorenzen

Seaside is a tranquil part of the beach which literally takes stress off during a day spent. Beaches are amazingly attractive and irresistible.

Mozella Bostwick

Beaches are everywhere in Mexico. They are enough to satisfy your cravings for seas and waves. Nothing can be more thrilling than being on the beaches. Just remember Mexico insurance.

Giuseppe Galloway

Visiting Magdalena Bay in Mexico gives everyone a beautiful lagoon for gray whale sightseeing. There’s a ship that will spend hours in the sea so travellers can see giant whales.


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