Why Mexico is Honeymooners’ Paradise

April 22, 2016
Michael Ryan
Mexican Travel

Honeymoon in Mexico

Mexico is such a vibrant, culturally rich, beautiful and alluring country. It’s no wonder that lovers love it and it congregates honeymooners from across the globe in its welcoming arms. Mexico is packed with nearly everything that newly-weds dream of doing, which makes it a great honeymoon destination.

The country truly makes honeymooning an easy and enjoyable experience. If you are looking for the ideal spot to unwind and chill out or the perfect place for an action packed expedition of a number of days or weeks, Mexico is the place to consider.

So, what makes Mexico stand out among other world honeymoon destinations?

The following are some basic things that blend in sweet harmony to make it a top honeymoon spot globally:


Romance Fills the Air

Mexico loves lovers. As you sit at your dinner table, a trio may unexpectedly appear and sing a soft love song! And when you request for an isolated table for two, your concierge will not cringe. The moment you mention the words “luna de miel” you will notice smiles all around and every effort will be made to ensure that you are happy. Bicycles, moped for two and much more, are available.


You Will Be Surrounded By Spectacular Scenic Beauty

Mexico boasts of extraordinary scenery such that you can select the environment for your honeymoon and be certain that it will be stunning. Whatever is your favorite backdrop, you won’t miss it; glittering beaches, grandiose mountains, immaculate flatlands, expansive deserts, and rolling countryside are all at your beck and call. Even if you pick a large city or huge resort destination, you can rest assured that regardless of the dense population, plenty of pristine scenic beauty can be found only a few miles out of town.


Amazing Daily Choices

Mexico has plenty to make your honeymoon lifestyle a marvelous dream: large cities, sparkling resorts, small towns, blissful hideaways – you name it! Actually, you can plan every day to match your mood. Whether you want to play golf or tennis, go surfing, bungee jumping or zip lining, treat yourself to the newest spa treatments, the choice is yours. You can attend a classical concert or dance yourself lame till morning in a rocking club – the country is geared up to entertain you.


Superior Service

Mexico’s national motto seems to be “service with a smile”. From a world class luxury resort to a rural seaside bed and breakfast, you can expect an exceptional service. You are made to feel that the service is personalized even when you are in the largest places. Feel free to ask for help with a smile and everyone will bend backwards to make your honeymoon happier.


Sensational Shopping

Mexico offers a huge range of bargains, making it an affordable place where you can shop till you drop. Here you can buy decorative items that have lots of international style and elegance that will not only improve your new home but remind you of your blissful honeymoon as well. Colorful handicrafts such as hand embroidery and beautiful contemporary table top items and rugs can be found in most cities and towns. You can haggle for them in typical public markets, on the beach or purchase them in most cities and major resorts’ modern steel and glass malls or boutiques.

Honeymoon in Mexico

Honeymoon in Mexico


Delightful Dining

In Mexico, meals are an event. As a matter of fact, meals are never rushed; lunch, the main meal of the day and dinner. Whether you are in a beachside eatery or a world class restaurant, the service will be both outstanding and circumspect. This is a time to unwind and share your dreams as you enjoy the food, hence no one will rush you.


Driving In Mexico Without Mexican Auto Insurance Is A Big Risk! Ensure You Have It

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Driving uninsured in Mexico is a risk you just can’t afford. If you unfortunately get involved in an auto accident, you can be arrested by the Mexican police, have your vehicle impounded pending a decision about who is to blame for causing the accident.  Fortunately, you can buy car insurance for Mexico online, which will save you lots of time, stress and expenses.

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Teodora Bogner
May 2, 2017 5:15 pm

Holes and rocks on the road sides can cause serious problems among motorists. Since no one can escape from this, Mexico insurance is a good defense against untoward incident that’s likely to happen.

Laila Tinoco
June 27, 2017 6:00 pm

Your sound protection is Mexico insurance. It protects you against legal & financial troubles. It’s a sure help in case of road accidents.


What month of the year is best to see Mexico with all its stunning whales in the ocean? Can’t wait to be there and get an encounter with those whales.

Isabelle Lane
October 26, 2017 6:13 pm

Mexico vehicle insurance offers bilingual assistance, which is a big help if you don’t speak Spanish. Their contact information is on your policy contract.


If you’re driving your vehicle to fish from shore or from your boat, check the permit requirements from Mexican officials and don’t forget Mexico insurance!


First-timers in Mexico should understand safety tips when traveling. One of these is getting covered by Mexican insurance. It’s a good advice to get it before you drive.

Broderick Kohnke
February 6, 2018 6:16 pm

Enjoying fun during summer time is best experienced in La Paz. You literally can do many pleasurable things and enjoy some treats.

Kelley Scheurer
June 3, 2018 6:31 pm

Plan, plan and plan. The best memories are acquired before the actual wedding before it leads up to such special moment.

Letha Edmund
June 25, 2018 10:14 pm

While driving and traveling, some dangers can threaten your life seriously. Without Mexican auto insurance, your condition can become even worse and more difficult.


An amazing view is enough to inspire you in Mexico – whether you’re situated in a countryside, in a remote island or in a high mountain.

Ariane Mckenney
August 8, 2019 6:37 pm

Being romantic requires staying in a romantic place as well. Can’t think of something better than Valle de Guadalupe. The place is really for lovers who want to experience more passion.


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