Witness Mexico’s Phenomenal Migration of Millions of Monarch Butterflies

October 25, 2015
Michael Ryan
monarch butterflies

monarch butterflies

Every year in autumn, one of the world’s most amazing natural events takes place in North America. Monarch butterflies numbering tens of million embark on a long “flight” of up to 3000 miles from Canada and the north eastern part U.S. to their ancestral wintering grounds located in the volcanic mountains of central Mexico. Before 1977, the location of their breeding grounds had remained mysterious. And even to date, just how an infant generation of these creatures find their way to those grounds afresh each year is still mind-boggling. They assemble in the oyamel fir trees the moment they arrive in Michoacan and Estado de Mexico,

In 2008, UNESCO recognized the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve as a World Heritage Site. This is a protected area covering over 200 square miles.

There are a few areas inside the reserve that are open to the public. Tourists visiting the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve get an opportunity to witness this moving phenomenon of nature. It is really an incredible experience being surrounded by thousands of fluttering butterflies, and seeing them covering the forest floor like a carpet and weighing down the tree branches.

When to Visit the Monarch Butterfly Reserves

 The Michoacan’s Monarch butterfly reserves are normally open every day from mid-November to March, from 9 am to 6 pm.  The Monarch population usually peaks in January and February, making them the most popular months to visit. However, if you plan to go during that time, you should avoid visiting during weekends because it can get crowded.

Every year, a one-week long cultural festival known as the Festival Cultural de la Mariposa Monarca occurs. This normally happens between the end of February and the beginning of March.

If you are planning to visit on a weekend or during the week of the festival, ensure that you make your hotel reservations in advance.  Since this is a very popular time to visit, hotels in Angangueo are likely to fill up.

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

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