Mexico Travel Myths

October 13, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Mexico travel has always been popular with those who love the beautiful beaches, history and relaxed lifestyle.  Backpackers and students are also now taking advantage of the sun, sea and colonial style of the area.  However, many stories abound regarding the country, such as it being scary, unsafe and exceptionally cheap.

Mexico can be cheaper for travelers than the US or Canada, but this depends on where you plan on going.  There are trendy spots, such as Cancun, where you may well have to spend a huge amount of money, but if you look south of Cancun, you can visit Tulum and spend around $25 per day.

Many people are concerned about the tap water in Mexico.  This is a valid concern as drinking water from the tap may result in digestive problems.  You should avoid doing so, but there are areas where the tap water is perfectly fine for drinking.  If you take precautions like washing your hands regularly, particularly prior to meals, and not buy food from street stands where there are a lot of flies, you should not have a problem.

If you travel to Mexico, you will need a compliant ID document to allow you to return to the US by sea, land or air.  If you choose to travel by sea or land, you do not need a passport to return to the US, however, you need an ID card.  This means that it is best to travel with your passport.

Going to Mexico By Land

To travel to Mexico by land, you will need to obtain a temporary vehicle importation permit, which is available at the border post.  There are specific border areas where this is not a requirement.  Once you reach the border post, you should enquire about the importation permit and the need for one.  You will also need to buy Mexico car insurance when you travel across the country by land.

You can choose to buy Mexican auto insurance online or you can purchase it at the border.  If you opt for buying it at the border, it will more than likely cost you more, compared to what is available online. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this URL.  You will also not have a wide choice of different types of insurance.

Mexican Vehicle Insurance

Prior to leaving for Mexico, you should do an online search for Mexico vehicle insurance, do a thorough comparison of what is available and base your needs on the value of your vehicle and your personal preferences.  You have the option to purchase liability only or comprehensive insurance.  If you choose liability only, personal injury and damages will not apply to your vehicle.  You will only obtain coverage for the damage and injury to the other party involved in the accident.

Mexican Insurance

In Mexico, it is illegal to drive on the roads without Mexican car insurance.  You could end up spending a few nights in jail if you are involved in a vehicle accident and do not have adequate insurance cover.

A trip to Mexico can be extremely enjoyable, but you should take basic precautions to avoid problems.  There are drug gangs in some of the border towns, but if you are going to visit Guadalajara, Cancun or most of the other parts of the country, you will more than likely not see gangs.

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Taren Stine

The surest way for an adventurer to conquer Mexico’s desert terrain is to have adequate supplies, including basic medical supplies. However, just as you prepare for food and medical eventualities, never forget to take a full Mexican auto insurance cover online.

Annamarie Burdick

Observing speed limits is important. However, you could miss out in interpretation of various speed limits due to language barrier or units of measure. Having Mexican auto insurance with Legal Assistance can greatly help you in case you erroneously miss on the speed limits.

Dee Overby

It is unfortunate to get involved in an accident. But, it is double misfortune if you don’t have Mexico insurance and yet you are a foreigner. Whether you are innocent or not, you will have to be detained till the accident issue is sorted out.

Rosalia Loomis

Mexican mileage system is in metric form. Thus, if you are used to miles per hour, then you must convert this into Kilometers to interpret the speed limit. Multiplying your miles by 0.62 will give you kilometer speed interpretations. If you are not Spanish speaking, then, it would be prudent to take Legal Assistance as part of your Mexican insurance package.

Georgeanna Scoggins

Mexican Insurance Store has everything in one place. You get good information, travel tips, guides for places plus more. It makes easier to buy your quick-car insurance.

Temika Fowlkes

Knowing the metric system is a big help when traveling in Mexico to avoid difficulty in conversion like miles to kilometers.

Buffy Crumble

While San Felipe isn’t a luxury resort destination area, there are new hotels and facilities that are being added each year and it’s fun!

Mack Eby

Before traveling to Mexico, start comparing quotes for Mexican insurance. It’s always worth getting the cheaper price.

Maryetta Bodiford

Mexico is the place where you can wind down and relax. Just don’t forget to bring important documents like your passport and Mexican insurance.

Zena Vanmeter

You can never tell when the weather becomes bad and dangerous. But if you have coverage, your Mexico insurance is valuable.

Jeffry Moe

If travel in Mexico requires frequent visits every year, then it’s highly advisable to purchase long-term Mexican auto insurance. You can expect long-term benefits as well.

Jimmy Paquette

Mexico is the favorite vacation destination of college students. Mexico has great attractions to people including young people like students.

Su Corrigan

Mexican Insurance Store has years of experience serving the people. It has a very high satisfaction rate and is proven to be financially stable.

Rocio Mccall

Road signs are very important so review your Spanish words. Many road signs in Mexico have different words although they may appear to be similar in color and shape.


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