Mexico’s Weather

September 29, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican TravelDuring the planning phase of your trip to Mexico, you should consider the weather in the region you intend travelling to.  Most people assume that Mexico remains hot all year round, however this is not the case.  It is a big country and the weather varies quite a bit from one region to another.

It is not only the latitude that affects the weather in Mexico, the altitude is a factor to be considered as well.  The country has deserts, mountains that are snow-capped, valleys and tropical forests.

There are two main seasons in the country, although the temperature varies during the year.  The main seasons are the dry and the rainy seasons.  The rainy season is normally from May until September, or at times October.  The rest of the year there is no rain or very little.  This does not mean you should not consider visiting during the rainy season.  This is the time of year when you can enjoy the beautiful green and lush landscapes.  It also generally only rains in the late afternoon and early evening which offers you sufficient time during the day to tour and enjoy what the country has to offer.

One major consideration you have to make is whether you are willing to travel during the hurricane season.  This occurs from June through to November and it is a good idea to check on weather forecasts to determine if there is any danger in travelling at that time.

Do Not Forget Your Mexican Vehicle Insurance Policy

Mexican InsuranceOne of the most important considerations, other than the weather, is to ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance when you intend driving on the road in Mexico.  This is compulsory as your US or Canadian car insurance policy will not be valid in Mexico.  The weather could play havoc with traffic, depending on the time of year or the condition when you are travelling.  This places you at risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  If this should happen, you want to ensure that you are fully covered for any damages or injury to yourself, your passengers and any third parties.

You can obtain Mexican auto insurance policies by going online and doing a search for suitable providers.  There are several insurance providers and it is recommended that you opt for a reputable company with offices in Mexico, as well as direct contact numbers.

You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy form this link. Once you have purchased your Mexican vehicle insurance, you should print a copy of the policy and keep it with you at all times.  If you are involved in an accident, you will have to produce proof of insurance.  It may be a good idea to consider some of the add-ons to the policy, such as bond bail assistance and legal aid.  Unlike the US, you are considered to be guilty until your innocence is proven.

What to Expect in Baja

If you intend travelling to Baja California, you will experience dry and temperate weather conditions.  The southern regions have hot summers and warm winters, with regular cooling breezes.  The small amount of annual rainfall is normally experienced during September and October.

The inland northern regions are normally very dry and can vary throughout the year.  The temperatures drop during winter and you may experience some snow.  If you like humid weather, you should consider the Gulf coast region.

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Roseline Overstreet

Since I always have a small printer with me in my car and internet access whenever I travel. I never have problems with my Mexican insurance since I can easily print more copies of it whenever I want.

Guillermina Huseman

Get some campgrounds and camping recommendations from this site. It’s great to rock your camping days right there in Mexico.

Jere Haddock

On the most parts of Mexico, summer months have undeniable rains enough to cool the environment and to beat the heat of the sun.

Kindra Calfee

Make sure you take your medicine kit when driving around Mexico. Because of the hot weather, accident and sickness may happen unexpectedly. It’s always safe to be ready.

Lea Seo

Know about the climate, weather, including the travel time if you want to go to Mexico. And don’t forget your Mexican auto insurance.

Noe Blas

There are various destinations for summer activities. Beaches and fishing ports are popular in Mexico and they have awesome marine activities to join.

Joya Abler

Regardless of the season, driving to Mexico requires the right Mexico car insurance.


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