Mexico’s Road Hazards

August 22, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican Insurance A visit to Mexico always raises concerns about the road hazards that you may encounter.  It is possible for you to drive very safely while in Mexico, but you should remain careful and alert.  You should be prepared to encounter unexpected hazards.  You should constantly bear in mind that the roads in Mexico may not be of the same standard as you are accustomed to in the U.S. or Canada.

Traffic signs, guard rails and adequate road widths may appear to be lacking sometimes.  Ensuring that you drive safely means that you should expect the unexpected at all times and drive in a manner that will allow you to react safely to any hazards.

You should not expect a stressful drive through Mexico, but if you understand some of the common hazards you may encounter, it may make it less tiresome.

Road Behavior

A lack of understanding as regards driving etiquette could lead you to become frustrated and drive head first into dangerous situations.  An example of this is a four-way stop.  When you encounter this in a busy city, it becomes a free for all.  The bravest and most impatient driver will generally drive first, with no consideration for the rules of the road at all.  In these cases, the rules do not apply.

On the highway, you will normally find drivers to be quite courteous.  This is reflected in the signs and manner in which they drive.  You may find a driver signaling left whilst you are travelling on a straight section of the highway, with no left turn being indicated.  This is his method of informing you that it is clear for you to pass him.  Left turns are very often done from the opposite lane, which means that if you decide to stop in the middle of the road to indicate left, you may annoy several drivers behind you.

Driving times

In coastal areas, you may experience poor visibility during the early morning.  This makes it important for you to drive carefully if there is fog around.  As the sun rises, the fog will start to clear.  If you feel unsettled driving in fog, you should wait for the sun to rise and clear the fog before you take off.

Driving late at night can also be affected by visibility problems.  The streets in rural areas are normally not very well-lit.  This makes it very difficult for you to see cyclists, pedestrians and animals on the road.  Any road damage or potholes are also not very noticeable if you travel in the dark.


You will generally be driving on paved road when you are on the highways and in cities, however, you should be aware that potholes are not always repaired on a regular basis.  To avoid problems, you should remain aware of the road condition and remain alert.  If you are going to travel in rural areas, you should be on the lookout for items in the road.

The most important aspect of driving in Mexico is to ensure you have adequate Mexican car insurance.  You can obtain it quite easily online from this link and should buy it before you set off on your trip.  Ensure that you print a copy of your policy and carry it with you at all times.

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Jamal Williford

I do travel to Mexico at from Arizona at least thrice a month. I stopped going for daily Mexican insurance the moment I realized that it is much more expensive in total than an annual insurance cover and has less extras on cover.

Kacey Snodgrass

Yes, the devil is always in the details. Don’t get dissuaded by the smallness of the fine print. That is the most likely place where the devil could be hidden.

Lala Avila

Some places in Mexico have narrow roads with dangerous corners. More than that, some areas are not safe for parking and you could find your car stolen. The best thing you can do to stay safe is to take Mexican auto insurance.

Martin Simms

Road hazards are everywhere. Even the one that seems safe is not safe at all. However, it helps knowing some safety driving tips. I haven’t been into an accident. So thankful to Mexican Insurance Store! Excellent driving tips and advice.

Siu Turney

Apply for Mexico vehicle insurance for Scottsdale online and get your A+ rate policy in a few minutes, saving you time and money.

Karie Avilla

Border fires can happen in Baja California which is a good reason to be more alert while driving. Mexican insurance is a huge help to cover expenses on accidents.

Lashandra Forcier

If you’re not covered and you’re caught driving, you will face days of imprisonment. For first-time travelers, this is not favorable in the first place.

Luise Mcadam

Oftentimes, stalls sell same craft products but with different prices. It’s always good to shop around and look for the best price before making any purchases.

Nannette Billups

Young drivers easily increase in number and most college students have cars to drive. Unfortunately, not all have Mexico car insurance to protect them.

Rodrigo Whitfield

Health insurance is as necessary as having Mexican auto insurance. Both are vitally important to help when sickness attacks or when accident happens.


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