Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza Festival

June 25, 2015
Michael Ryan
Guelaguetza Festival

Guelaguetza Festival

The Guelaguetza festival gives the different communities in Oaxaca the opportunity to gather and celebrate their diverse cultures and traditions.  There are around 16 different ethnic and linguistic groups in the state.  All these groups gather for this festival wearing traditional dress and performing dances relevant to the region they hail from.  Once the dances have ended, items are tossed into the crowd, which are from the different regions.

The festival takes place during July and in 2015, it will take place on July 20th and 27th.

How did it start?

In the Zapotec language, Guelaguetza means ‘offering’.  Traditions in villages based in Oaxaca include celebrations for events such as christenings, weddings, or patron saint feast days.  On these days, the attendees to the party will arrive with items required for the event, such as food or drinks.  Each item that is brought to the event is viewed as an ‘offering’ or guelaguetza.  This reciprocal action reinforces the social ties in the community and this is normally maintained for a very long time.

The festival as it is today combines the celebrations to the corn goddess, Centeotl, as well as the celebration of the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The festival used to be celebrated on the Fortin Hill within Oaxaca, but during the 1970s an auditorium was erected for the celebration.  It is also used for other celebrations and events at other times of the year.  The auditorium has a seating capacity of 11000.  A special feature of the auditorium is that it was constructed within the hill, which allows spectators to not only look down on the stage, but also have a fantastic view of the city below the auditorium.

The corn goddess

Each year, a young lady from within the local communities is chosen to represent the corn goddess, Centeotl.  This does not take the form of a normal beauty pageant, but is instead based on the young lady’s knowledge of the traditions linked to her community.

Attending the festival

Those who would like to attend the festival can purchase tickets via Ticketmaster Mexico.  The purchased tickets are for seating in sections A and B of the auditorium.  The seating in sections C and D are not sold as it is free seating.  The purchased seats are unreserved, so ensure that you arrive early to get a good seat.

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Once you have your car insurance policy in hand, and you should carry a copy of it with you at all times, you can set off for the festival.  There are other events that occur during the two weeks of the Guelaguetza festival, which you can also attend.  Oaxaca is a very interesting city and there are many aspects of the area that you may want to see.

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