Packing For Mexico – What Can You Take With You?

April 13, 2014
Michael Ryan

Driving Into Mexico
When you are preparing your driving trip to Mexico, it is vital that you are aware what you can and cannot take with you.  You cannot take obvious items, such as firearms and illegal drugs.  Everyone knows that you will experience problems at the border either going into Mexico or trying to return to America, if you carry illegal items.  If you try doing this, you will definitely go on vacation, not to a lovely holiday destination, but to a prison cell.

Packing for your road trip to Mexico is much the same as packing for any other trip.  You can take clothing and personal items for your personal use.  You should try not to take too much as you may want to buy goods in Mexico.  It is a good idea to remove the price tags from any new items of clothing you wish to pack.  This will allow you to avert any questions about whether the items are for your personal use or for commercial resale.  In the same vein, you should pack normal-sized toiletries as you may be suspected of taking items into Mexico for resale.

If you are on chronic medication, you are allowed to take your medication with you.  In this case, you must ensure that you obtain a prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that the medication is required by you.

You are allowed to take a maximum of 20 cigarette packs or 200 grams of tobacco.  You can also take three liters of alcohol with you.  The limit for books or magazines is 20 copies.  This is the total number you are allowed, regardless of the number of passengers in your vehicle.

You are legally allowed to take your laptop and the relevant equipment to operate it into Mexico with you.  You may raise suspicion levels if every member of your traveling party takes a laptop.  Taking more than one laptop also puts you at risk of theft.  The logic here is that you are on vacation and should not be spending your time on your computer, checking emails or working.

You should also consider that you may not have excellent internet access in Mexico.  So, in view of this problem, you may want to leave most of the laptops at home.

You are allowed to take a television with a screen up to 12 inches into Mexico.  You may also take a set of binoculars with you.  This means that items such as DVD players and portable music devices should not raise any eyebrows.  The only thing you have to ensure is that you do not take several of these items with you.  The best bet is to limit them to one per person.  You have an allowance of 20 compact disks, so do not take your entire music CD collection with you.  Simply take your favorites, or better still, transfer your favorite music to your portable music device.

If you have children in your traveling party, you are allowed to take a maximum of five toys for each child.  Abiding by these simple rules can save you a lot of anguish and frustration when you reach the border.  Your child will not be very happy if their favorite toy is confiscated.Above all, remember that you need Mexican auto insurance.  Your American or Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico. Go to this URL to purchase your Mexican insurance.

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Melony Bogue

I used to visit Mexico by plane before as it never occurred to me that driving into Mexico would be fun especially when you’re prepared with proper Mexican auto insurance. Perhaps I will be driving my car the next time I am heading to Mexico.

Mozella Bostwick

Mexican auto insurance provides you coverage in both Spanish and English which is helpful in understanding directions in case you are lost in translation.

Liane Shirley

Did you forget to Purchase Mexican insurance? No worries as you can now get all the coverage online and get easily accommodated from their helpline.

Angella Foxwell

Mexico is much more than a place for great vacations. During fall, cultural celebrations take over Mexico cities with their contagious spirit.

Chasidy Bischoff

Immediately before visiting Mexico, you should have bought your Mexico insurance. Don’t ignore it and your trip will be pleasantly unforgettable…

Krishna Wireman

For some tourists, a spa trip serves as a significant part of their vacation. They often choose Mexico to get exactly what they’re looking for — quality spa services.

Charlena Lilly

Go ahead and spend days in Mexico. You won’t forget the fun, the food, the places, the nature, and so on! Your Mexican insurance will serve as your ultimate travel protection.

Vito Sebree

Choose a policy that covers your entire travel period. However, be sure to leave some room so you can modify it if something happens.

Arlinda Pilkington

Sometimes, it takes an accident before we realize how important Mexican insurance is. Once you need claims, there’s no way of getting it because you’re not covered.

Chante Truitt

If you’re renting a car in Mexico, it doesn’t matter if the car has GPS, as long as you have an app in your mobile phone, then it’s just okay.

Elda Grout

When traveling, casual dress is very comfortable – with no dress codes or fancy duds needed.

Erma Bloss

The simplest alternative is to take cash with you together with your credit card – for the backup. Although, having pesos is definitely helpful.

Guillermo Mantyla

First, make your list of the necessary stuff before packing them and leaving the house. It’s no joke traveling half way and you figured out that you forgot your cash, card, or phone. Really frustrating!

Ngan Spikes

At least you have time to explore the nature and do some sort of relaxation. Learning how to do fishing in Mexico is distressing.

Minta Saravia

Take advantage of the internet. Hunt for a Mexico home vacation. Browse the internet and look at available listings.


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