Road Hazards Could Activate Your Mexican Auto Insurance

May 12, 2014
Michael Ryan

You may be of the opinion that it is unnecessary to get Mexican auto insurance because you are a safe driver.  You may well be an extremely safe driver, but another driver may not be and that can be the cause of a serious accident.  You also have to consider that there may be road conditions that you are not accustomed to that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

So, before you make the decision not to get Mexican insurance, you should consider all the possibilities and scenarios where you may regret that decision.

Road Signs

Many of the road signs in Mexico are displayed in both Spanish and English.  However, this does not apply to all the signs.  If you do not understand Spanish, you will not know what they mean.  Although there may be a picture included in the sign, it may be completely different to what you are accustomed to in your home country.
There is one particular sign that confuses many foreign drivers.  This is the left turn signal that appears on stretches of open highway.  This sign means that it is safe to pass the vehicle ahead of you.

Misinterpretation or abuse of this sign could put you in a situation that you do not accept.  This could put you in a negative situation regarding Mexican car insurance as an accident in these circumstances will be considered your fault, as you may have misinterpreted or misused the sign.This makes it vital that you have adequate Mexican vehicle insurance to cover any costs you may be liable for.

Road Hazards

If you are accustomed to roads that are well-maintained, you will not give poorly maintained roads a second thought.  The features of the road may also surprise you if you are not accustomed to it.  The cultural behaviors of drivers in a foreign country may also come as a big surprise.  You should consider the road hazards that you may encounter while traveling through Mexico.

Speed bumps, such as the ones you may encounter in parking lots, are often placed on extremely busy streets in Mexico.  You may be forewarned by a sign that there is an upcoming speed bump, but if you do not know the term used for it, you will not be aware of it.  Visitors to countries are often pre-occupied with their surroundings and you may not always pay attention to all the signs.  If you are unaware of an impending speed bump, you may have to brake quite hard when you reach it.  This could result in a rear-end accident.  If you are traveling on a busy road, this could cause a huge pile-up that you are responsible for.

Storms may occur in the area and this could lead to road damage and potential accidents.

A huge section of Mexico is rural and there are often stray animals on roads.  All that is needed for you to have a serious accident is that you need to swerve quickly.These are all very good reasons why you should buy Mexican auto insurance.  The risks you face while driving in a foreign country are too high for you to ignore it. You may click here to purchase your Mexican auto insurance online.

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Kanisha Dyal

If you’re looking for a perfect resort for your holidays in Mexico then to visit Guaymas in Tucson. Make sure to get your vehicle insured from Mexico Insurance Store for excellent coverage and assistance along the journey.

Ashlie Windley

It is legally required to Mexican insurance for Canadians in order to cross the border, which saves them from trouble and an easy access to this beautiful city.

Stephanie Gillogly

It’s more convenient to apply for Mexican auto insurance online while you surf on the internet for exotic and cultural areas of this Magnificent country.

Larisa Batten

Your car might create some issues as it will travel a great distance to enter Mexico. It is required to get Mexican insurance for your safety.

Tomi Lanterman

The longer you stay in Mexico to experience magnificent rituals and ceremonies, the more money you would spend. Mexican insurance is economical for everyone. Don’t go without it.

Ned Pulido

Be well researched about the rules and regulation of Mexican law for spending summer holidays. Get Mexican auto insurance to secure yourself from being charged with criminal offense.

Hai Woodbury

I once lost my precious items when I was being assisted to fix a punctured tire of my car. I had not insured them and neither did I have Roadside Assistance as part of my cover. These days I ensure that I have Roadside Assistance as part of my cover plus insurance cover for my car.

Niki Hensley

Angeles Verdes as they are popularly referred in Mexico are the kind of angels you would pray to visit you when your car is in trouble on Mexico highways. However, you need not absolutely rely on them as you can easily get Road Assistance as part of your Mexican insurance from reputable providers.

Reina Ellerman

Everyone driving their car in Mexico should have proof of Mexican auto insurance. No one is exempted. Every driver should have it.

Linden Gray

It’s best to have a physical copy of your Mexican insurance policy. In a pinch you can use your Iphone. The key is that if you’re involved in a collision, to call your Insurance Provider (Number on the policy) right away. They send an adjuster to the scene. If you do this, 95% of your headaches will disappear.

Florance Swing

Don’t miss the Culinary Festival in Baja, Mexico. Protect your vehicle and yourself with Mexican insurance so you can drive the toll roads

Candie Hallum

Ask your motorcycle insurance provider because a short-term policy can be good enough. Ensure your motorcycle is well lubricated and properly tuned.

Giovanna Leth

Heated roads and high speeds are threatening to the tires and brakes. Have a thoughtful checkup before using the car especially for a long trip to Mexico.

Gwyn Penta

Before a long trip begins, make sure tires are carefully checked. Any likely problem seen while checking them out must be paid attention to. Still, it’s better to avoid troubles beforehand than getting trapped because you met an accident.

Kym Harrod

Always keep this in mind: road hazards are everywhere and drivers must have a cautious driving attitude to avoid potential hazards.

Deena Broughton

The best option to have Mexico insurance is buy it online. Try to get covered from a trusted provider like Mexican Insurance Store.

Flor Galvan

After picking the Mexican car insurance policy for your needs, then it’s easy to buy and print your new policy directly from the website.


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